New hairstyles for GW2 characters

The latest patch came yesterday and it did not bring new living story achievements to hunt for. I find that quite refreshing as it lets me catch my breath a bit.

There was not that much in the patch, but what did come were new hairstyles. This finally made me use the Total Makeover Kit I had dropped some time ago, as I had been ogling the stripe markings for my asura warrior for quite a while. And now I could finally combine it with an awesome hairstyle! Much better than the cute and sweet one she had before. Bookahnerk also found a great new hairstyle, but for him, a Self-Style Hair Kit was good enough, since he only changed the hairstyle and the hair colour and not the markings on his skin.

It is a bit sad that you can only get those new hairstyles with those kits, because they’re awesome and if I remember correctly, asura have less default hairstyles than other races. Still, they look awesome now and thanks to drop luck, we did not pay for them. ;)

bookahnerk_hairstyle Paerjja_hairstyle

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