First impressions of “Escape from Lion’s Arch”

I already did this for Origins of Madness. A post about my first impressions that is lacking in words, but rich in pictures. I think it just tells a lot more than I could say or write down here.

Just a few notes: I miss the marionette fight. It wasn’t perfect, but it had some great moments. The platforms allowed for small-scale fights that required a certain and very definite strategy (kite him into his own miiiiines!).

I haven’t talked to that many NPCs yet, but I did notice poor Evon Gnashblade. I still like him, but I have a soft spot for charr. :) What I did see was quite nice and full of flavour. I have also heard lots of others talk about various NPCs and cheer whenever they found them safe in Tyria.


  1. The ‘hidden’ NPC dialogue is definitely one of the strong points of the patch. It’s interesting to see how ArenaNet has moved away from the cutscene dialogue in this update.


    1. I hope there’ll be more little personal instances in the future. It would have been cool to be involved in this cutscene as well… you see your character strolling through Lion’s Arch, wondering which tavern to visit this afternoon when all of a sudden, the attack starts. ^^


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