Foostival 2014 – coming to a place close(r) to you

quagganYou may have already heard about the Foostival that took place last year and maybe you have also already seen the hints and messages about Foostival 2014.  But if you haven’t, I am here to bring you up-to-date on what has been released so far.

So, in case you haven’t heard of any of that before and are now wondering what a “Foostival” is, watch the video below. In short, Foostival 2013 took place in France. Several French fansites had organized this event for players to get together and have some fun! They even managed to drag the French community manager there. :)

For Foostival 2014, the French organizers reached out to other European fansites and invited them to host a Foostival of their own. Unfortunately, while several fansites were interested, finding enough people to organize it and then finding fitting revenues were the most common problems which means that some countries cannot participate. But hopefully next year, guys! However, we are proud to say that Foostival will be organized by fansites from these countries: France, Germany, Romania and Spain are participating! So far, we know that the French Foostival will be in Paris again, just like last year. The German one will take place in one of the most beautiful cities that Germany has, in Hamburg!

Fansites saying Hello Europe – or something like that:

And a look behind the scenes – make sure to turn on the English captions for subtitles.

A few videos have appeared on YouTube. The first three show you some in-game fun:

More details will appear on the official Foostival channels in the days leading up to the Foostival, so be sure to watch those closely: Facebook page, Twitter and Google+

What do you think?

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