Iron Marches – Screenshot Gallery

GW2 Ascalon Iron Marches

I love the look of Ascalon in Guild Wars 2: The ruins from the times when humans were living in that area and now the new modern buildings that the charr have constructed. It could be such a great place – if there wasn’t the Dragonbrand going right through the area. Oh, and ghosts. There are lots of human ghosts from the old times when it was human territory (after they stole the land from the charr. Bad humans. BAD, I say!) who won’t go away and who can’t be killed.

At least, respawning of the mobs makes sense here. ;)

Anyway, Ascalon is one of my favourite parts of Tyria. I am a fan of the whole mixing of old and new. So here is the latest screenshot gallery showing the look of the Iron Marches.


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