Juggling through my MMOs

Sometimes I really wish there was just one MMO. The perfect one for me. But you rarely, if ever, find something perfect for you unless it was specifically created just for you and nobody else. All of the MMOs I’m currently playing offer me something that the others can’t give me.

gw2 winter jumping puzzleAt the moment, I am mainly playing Guild Wars 2, thanks to the Wintersday update and my new-found old love, the mesmer (who insists I earn enough gold to craft her an ascended sword). I love getting the giant wintersday presents and have already gotten Ho-Ho-Tron. I squealed, then looked at the price on the trading post, but decided to keep him besides the fact that selling him would about double the amount of gold I have. As a sidenote, I also got a mini (Scarlet… brrr) out of the black lion chest after I got a key for map completion of Iron Marches with my warrior! This seems to be my lucky month. ;)

My favourite mini game is the Choir Bell activity at the moment. True, it doesn’t sound good. You just can’t really get in-synch with the other players. But it’s still fun to do. Toypocalypse, on the other hand, is rather fast and easy to do when you just place snowmen and catapults everywhere and it gives you a nice amount of wintersday gifts. Don’t bother running back to the centre, just drop the catapults and snowmen where you find the materials. Although we still did run back to the centre once in a while to make sure it has enough firepower.

aion meffanda engineerThe game that got the second most time recently was Aion. Yes, Aion! A fellow guildie in Guild Wars 2 made me reinstall the game and check it out, mainly for the housing. Once I read about the beginner servers, my decision was made: I want to see the world. At least up until level 55. ;) Aion has a PvP zone where the two factions and a third faction made up of NPCs fight against each other.

The game also lets players from one faction invade the other faction’s regions once in a while and this is the part that I don’t like at all. I am all for PvP, but not when it’s mixed with PvE and questing in PvE regions, like World of Warcraft’s PvP servers. *shudder* This usually turns out to be high level players killing low-level players who have no way of defending themselves. I know there are people out there who like that kind of game and that’s fine. It’s just not for me. The beginner server in Aion (which you can switch to every time you want from your normal server) gets rid of all PvP. No PvP in PvE regions, no PvP in the PvP region. The latter would probably be a bit boring, but that’s where the switching to and from the beginner server comes in handy.

I had left the game before they added the two new classes (engineer and artist). I got myself a little engineer and levelled her to 10, so she got her wings, and then I also got her a pet. No MMO character should be without one (the non-combat version). What I haven’t seen so far is… the housing. :p

Rift YulefestThen comes Rift. There always is Rift. The game I fell in love with without being able to say why exactly. They also started their winter/yulefest activities in-game. I got lucky and got two non-combat pets out of the reward boxes that I got for doing the yulefest dailies. Kind of lucky, I assume. :) I didn’t do anything else, other than trying to empty my inventory by selling all sorts of stuff on the auction house. It’s funny how in Guild Wars 2, most of the stuff I find when playing gets sold to the vendor or salvaged for the crafting materials and the luck essences and in Rift, most of the stuff I find gets kept in my inventory until I finally make a stop in Sanctum again to sell it on the auction house, because it would be a waste to sell it to a vendor. I make a nice profit in Rift, but I would like a balance between those games. I love selling stuff on the auction house, but it gets annoying if the items crowd your inventory too fast. On the other hand, finding items and knowing they’re not worth anything is boring, too.

lotro linja guardianLast but not least: Lotro – “How did that get in here?” you may be wondering. Well, they were selling level 50s for 4995 TPs (which is about 38€). I shocked the aforementioned Aion-playing guildie when I told him I caved in and bought a level 50. But I have a lifetime account and get 500 free TPs every month. I’m not playing much anymore, so even after getting the expansion with my saved TPs, I still had lots of them left. There are several reasons I’m not playing the game anymore. One of them is that I do not like my main class, the warden, anymore. The other high level character is a runekeeper and I’d switched away from her to the warden, because I didn’t enjoy playing her. With the amount of time I have to devote to Lotro, it just didn’t make any sense to play a new character for months and months to finally see the new regions. Getting a new character to 50 speeds this up a lot! So I now have Linja, the hobbit guardian. I noticed too late that the name probably sounds like “ninja”. I pronounce it “Linya”. Silly German here. ;)

So that’s my gaming for the past weeks and it didn’t even include The Secret World which I would also love to play more. Next month then, for sure! ;)


  1. Congratulations on your all the nice gifts you got (the in-game ones and I hope a lot of in real life ones too. :)

    I didn’t know about that newbie server in Aion. I guess that might be enough to check it out again and its housing since I dislike that kind of PvP too (well, I just dislike PvP actually) so that might give me a stronger incentive to stick around and explore their housing system in more depth. If I recall correctly the quest to get a beginning house there isn’t too far off from level 10. I wish I could recall the details though.

    Rift is another one I’d like to check the housing more in-depth but there is just something with the game that doesn’t make me want to stick with it for any long period of time. I just can’t quite put my finger on it though. :/

    Anyway, have some happy holidays and I hope you have a great new year as well! :)


    1. Now that I think about it… I’m not sure if that’s something NCsoft implemented in general or if it’s something that Gameforge, the European publisher, added to the game. I would hope it’s for all Aion players, though. :) I think giving players a choice of how they want to play is always a good idea.

      I don’t recall the exact level, but you don’t even need to get far to get your first little dimension (housing area) in Rift. :) I earned platinum through selling the stuff I got from fishing and that already gave me some good amount of money to buy the first items for my dimension. Nothing too fancy, of course. But at least, I had a bed and a wardrobe and a couple of books. ;)

      Happy Holidays to you as well! :)


  2. Very nice article again Nadine. I also like variety – although one could argue about playing 3 MMOs not really being variety at all ;p

    Regarding Aion (…) GameForge indeed has introduced some features that don’t have an equivalent to the NCSoft-managed US Aion. However, the other way around is true too. In particular, NCSoft still maintains the site where one can search for other players and guilds by name and also view (or link so others can look at) their own toons. But most spectacular and useful for me is the ‘Atreian Atlas’ site! Take a look and be amazed: http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/atreian

    The quest to get your own house (a studio) is a level 20 one. Once a player hits level 16 they gain access to the game’s first instance (solo), called ‘Haramel’. You gain 1,5 levels per 20 minute run from this! So, given the (appauling) cooldown on instance re-entry, one gets from 16 to 20 in just 2 days, playing just 40-45 mins in total :)


    1. I should probably add FPS, strategy games, etc. to my list for it to count as variety, right? :p

      I think this is where it gets confusing with GameForge and NCSoft. Why do they do that? People will always be unsatisfied for every thing their own “side” does wrong, and for every good thing they see on the other side. Doesn’t make much sense. Then again, NCSoft giving Aion away to GameForge doesn’t make any sense to me either.

      One of my level 21 characters got her little home. I already took screenshots. Now on to writing the housing series. :)


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