Changes to luck and WvW

I still haven’t been to the fractals, so I still can’t say much about the new patch. I did spot one change, however, that I really love. Whenever I had those luck essences, I opened my achievement tab to see if I’ve gotten another % of luck added. You can do it like that, but it’s not very convenient. So now, not only does the amount of luck you gained appear on top of your head, you also get a notification on the right side of the screen showing you the percentage of magic find you have now.

And once again… speaking of alt-friendliness, ArenaNet just announced that they will change the WvW ranks from being character-bound to being account-bound. All characters on your account will have the same WvW rank.

Here’s the changes they’re going to make:

All earned World XP on an account will be put into a single pool.

The sum of those points will determine the world rank and World Ability Points available to each character on the account.

World Ability Points can be allocated differently on each character; you are not creating a single, account-based, version of your characters.

To me, it sounds like they know exactly what they’re doing with the change. Hey, one can’t always say that about game developers and their plans! ;) I, personally, am looking forward to it. My accumulated rank will be… 1, most likely. :p I haven’t done much yet at all. One of the main reasons was that I did not want to spend time in WvW just to find out that I actually do not like playing that profession in there and then having to switch to yet another one. With the change, this won’t be a problem anymore.

And I especially like that I’ll be able to spend my world ability points per character. So I can choose different playstyles for different professions. Very nice!