Flummi’s new clothes…

I had originally wanted to show off my mesmer in her new gear yesterday. But it took me a while to figure out what I want. When I had finally decided what gear to get for her (which I’m not going into now, because I do not want to be told that I’m doing it aaaall wrong and should have gone with berserker… :p), I put it on her and Flummi, being the girly girl asura that she is, stomped her foot on the ground and demanded to get something that looks better.

Why is there such a huge distance between her back and her belt in the back of the outfit? It looks weird! I am also not a fan of the front. It’s mostly the belt that doesn’t look good, if you ask me.

Once again I wonder: Why is there no wardrobe/cosmetic outfit system like both Lord of the Rings Online and Rift have them? I don’t think I can ask this question often enough. I want to have outfit slots instead of those silly transmutation crystals! Once again, I had to rely on the good old Hall of Monuments Heritage armor to save the day! The “after” picture shows the WvW armor with HoM chest and pants. Everything else is non-transmuted. I did actually have a look at various other pants, but most of them did not fit with the WvW chest. And when I tried to find a chest and a pants piece that I liked, I figured I should just go the easy HoM route for now.

GW2 Mesmer WvW armor with HoM

Transmuted armor!

She is now waiting for the 6th superior rune of the traveler to arrive. Once it’s here, she can go back outside and explore Tyria. She is just a few percent behind Paerjja when it comes to world exploration… although that still doesn’t say much as both are still in their 60s. ;)

Also, apologies for not having a more interesting topic today. I’ve spent the day in several meetings and my mind is pudding right now. I can’t write anything about the new patch either as our first fractals run is scheduled for Friday. ;)

6 thoughts on “Flummi’s new clothes…

  1. ArcherAvatar says:

    Meowska (Mrs ArcherAvatar) also chose to stick with some HOM pieces for her Mesmer, and for similar reasons. For the record, I approve of both choices, and definitely like your “after” outfit much more, but I do think something else needs to be done with the boots. Not sure what to suggest… perhaps the crafted exotic? Or, maybe the boots from the AC dungeon? (I’m particularly fond of those. There is also a similar looking skin in the sub 80 exotics you can purchase on the TP relatively cheaply.)

    I remember asking Meowska if she wanted the whole TA dungeon type look for her Mesmer, but I got a scrunched-up nose in response and a sideways glance that suggested I should know better… *chuckle*

    Never be reluctant to use a T-crystal if it results in you enjoying your character more. I’m pretty sure the “Uber LEET” crowd would turn their collective noses up at some of the outfits my guys wear (although some probably fit in there) but I really couldn’t care less… each of my guys look the way that “fits” each of them IMO.
    My Mesmer is greens and golds with the Durmand Priory swords, the Jade Dragon staff, and the Anomaly focus item… and his outfit looks…”Alladin-ish” to me.


    • paeroka says:

      The boots I told you about in my in game mail have clipping issues as well. *sigh* So, back to the drawing board it is then. ;)

      Meowska… a charr, I assume? :)

      What I don’t like about the transmutation crystals is that I have to spend real money on a consumable. In Lotro especially, I switch between costumes and outfits just as often as I do in RL. Okay, slightly less often, but only slightly. I can’t do that in Guild Wars 2 the way they implemented it. I do switch between dyes all the time instead. My warrior has all but one of the non-gem store dyes. Abyss dye is the one still missing, but with her current armor, I don’t see the need to get it. Even abyss doesn’t look very black on her items.


      • ArcherAvatar says:

        Oh well… I thought when I read your in-game mail that those boots from the Temple armors were going to look great. Have you done a preview on the boots from AC dungeon, and do they have similar clipping? GL on the search for some new shoes for Flummi.
        Actually, Meowska plays all asura at this point. She started some characters of other races, including charr, but ended up deleting them for various reasons. (She really wanted to like the charr, especially the tail but, she had too much of an issue with the voice of the female charr. Several of the NPC charr female voices she likes quite a bit, but not the one for PCs.) Her current favorites are an asura warrior and ranger (the ranger was her first “main” which was slightly replaced as “main” by the warrior once she started playing her.)
        She also has a thief and Mesmer at level 80, and a guardian and ele who are still quite low level.
        I had not thought about it much before this moment, but her ranger and warrior actually have some interesting similarities… both use sword+warhorn and longbow as their weapon sets currently… each of them started out making use of axe more heavily in their early development, and both have dabbled in the use of greatsword briefly.


        • paeroka says:

          The boots from the Temple armor turned out to be the best ones, after all. They do have a clipping issue, but it’s so small you can’t make it out – especially on the tiny asura. I just have to make sure the dyes of the pants and the boots match. It looks like it’s part of the boot’s lining.

          Here is the picture: Flummi's new boots

          You can see the dye from the pants at her knee. It’s the tiny patch that’s a bit lighter than the rest of the boot. Really very tiny detail, but annoying nonetheless. Still, I figured people would not even see it since asura are tiny anyway, and if they did, it would probably look like it’s part of the boot. And it really looks great with the armor!


          • ArcherAvatar says:

            Those look fantastic, and the clipping is barely noticeable even in the close up picture here… certainly wouldn’t be seen in regular game play by anyone unless VERY closely examining your character… which would call other things into question *cough*… ;-)


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