Too many games…

Diablo3_paerokabetaI’m currently waiting for Diablo 3 to arrive. Unfortunately, it seems it won’t be here tomorrow, but hopefully on Thursday then. I got the game during (German) Amazon’s Cyber Monday Week… how silly is that, by the way? Cyber Monday Week. It got released in May 2012 and so far, I’ve never seen it cheap anywhere. The 25€ I paid for it now seemed like a very good deal.

In the end, this could be yet another game in a long list of games that I bought and there are so many that I really want to play, but in the end, don’t. We’re currently planning to play Diablo 3 together, just me and bookahnerk. I got the game for him when it came out and he never got far. So together we can hopefully conquer the world! I also promised I would turn off Skype, twitter, my browser while playing the game together. Fewer distractions that way and more “us time” even if we’re at the PC.

We’re also currently watching the Warlock 2 world Premiere on Twitch. Another game I definitely want to buy when it releases. But Warlock 1 is one of the few games I’ve spent lots of hours playing, so this one will probably at least have a tiny chance. ;)

I think I’d play those kinds of games (meaning: Non-MMOs) much more often if I didn’t play MMOs. Just now, I spent about an hour researching which gear I want for my mesmer after I got some superior traveller runes from ArcherAvatar! Thanks again, you made my day. :D Now I only need to find gear to put them on… hmm… And decide which class I want to play in Diablo 3.

6 thoughts on “Too many games…

  1. Ocho says:

    I hear you. My list of games I have is borderline insane, and yet I keep playing the same 2 or 3 MMOs, despite that list continuously growing. Might need therapy to help stop, but I know I’m not as bad as other people.


    • paeroka says:

      Yeah, I guess it could still be worse. I’m too picky when it comes to games… thankfully. :p

      I played a lot of Terraria and other “smaller” games when we were staying with family over New Year’s and I only had my little laptop with me which can play a few games, but nothing that needs more power, like an MMO does. It was actually kind of nice. ;)


  2. Rakuno says:

    Count me in as having that “problem” too. I was happy and trimming down a little my list of games until my friends got me into EQ2. Then everything went to the wayside and I have been spending way too much time playing it. That is not the first time this happened or the only MMO it happened with.

    At least today I’ve spent some time with some single player games I’ve been wanting to play for some time. I’ve logged briefly into EQ2 to do the dailies there but it was raining hard and I got disconnected so I couldn’t finish that and decided it was for the best. Otherwise I might have spent all that time playing it!


    • paeroka says:

      And just now, Steam, Gamefly, Green Man Gaming, etc. are starting their Black Friday Sales. Eek. Save me! :p

      Although, come to think of it, I have been much better and actually did play a few games I bought. Game Dev Tycoon being one. ^^


  3. Rakuno says:

    I saw that! Fortunately (for my wallet at least!) Steam didn’t have anything interesting for me, so far. Haven’t checked the others though. I wonder if is having some sale too… Hmm.. Must check!

    Nice to know you got to play a few games you bought too. :)


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