The issue of unlocking waypoints

Speaking of alt-friendliness… Waypoints are annoying.

I like that world exploration is character-bound, because it just fits, at least in my mind: My character has been to that corner of the world and helped the local farmers defend their fields and cows against mean harpies, and so on. However, when it comes to guild missions, I’m always frustrated. I wanted to do tonight’s guild missions with my engineer, when I realized he only has 216 waypoints.

GW2 Guild puzzleThankfully, the guild puzzle was in Snowden Drifts right next to the waypoint I had unlocked with him. But in general, I don’t want to be a nuisance for the guild and let them wait, just so I can walk to the meeting point. On the other hand, having to run all over the world simply to unlock those 516 waypoints – or most of them, at least – is quite annoying as well.

So, how could this be changed without taking away the “explorer” part from your alts?I think ArenaNet could add a teleport function either for guilds in general or attach it to the guild missions. You know, the pole that appears next to the guild puzzle entrance, for example. Why not have that be a summon for guild members as well?

Or do it the simple way: Unlocking waypoints is account-bound, but nothing else is (like the vistas, etc.). Although I think I would prefer being able to summon your guild members to the guild mission points.

3 thoughts on “The issue of unlocking waypoints

  1. Mattsta says:

    I am with you preferring to be able to summon guild members over waypoints becoming account-bound. Would be a cool to have a Guild Waypoint that you can build with influence. That way it makes guild meet ups easy when you do whatever and not just missions.


    • ArcherAvatar says:

      I agree. A guild summons device that could be purchased with Influence and spawned by guild leaders seems like the perfect solution to this sort of thing. (I’m sure asura engineers are hard at work on just such a project even as we speak…)
      It would probably be a mistake to make Waypoint unlocks an account based thing however… at least to my way of thinking… part of the appeal of alts for me is seeing the variations in the paths they wind up taking as they explore the whole of Tyria. I enjoy letting that happen “organically” with each one, and acquiring waypoints along the way is definitely a big part of that.


      • paeroka says:

        Yeah, I would definitely prefer having it be a guild ability. As annoyed as I am when waypoints aren’t unlocked and I want to get somewhere fast, I still really like that it shows the paths my character has taken so far. :)

        I also remember Blizzard giving every character all those travel-points without them having to unlock them and at first I thought it’s convenient and cool, but it seemed rather boring in the end. It just wasn’t anything special anymore to run through a zone for the first time with your character.


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