Shopping spree in Rift

Some time ago, I had won a signed CE of Rift. With it came 30 days of patron time (as a “we’re sorry” as they had actually forgotten me…) and a hefty amount of free credits. I definitely did not complain about that – or any of that, really. It doesn’t happen often that a company gives you that many gifts!

Rift Emerald Ki RinSo for weeks, I had watched the Rift shop carefully to decide what I want to spend my credits on. Thankfully, before buying I realized that it may be cheaper to actually buy some patron time first. When you have patron status, everything in the shop is 10% cheaper. All items I wanted would have cost me about 7000 credits. Take 10% off and you’re with 6300. Buy a 3 day Patron Pass for 480 credits and you’ve still saved 200 credits compared to the regular price but you did get 3 days of patron time on top of it! My warrior is only level 43, so she’ll love the buffs she can get during those 3 days, most of all the experience buff (40% extra for 2 hours with each buff).

I have to say, my brain was very pleased with the amount of stuff I bought today. ^^ I bought the Emerald Ki Rin (a mount) and the Mathosian Fold (the tiiiiny kitten in the screenshots). Then I bought the extended hair style set (4 additional hair styles for each race and gender) and the hair color set bundle. There is a stylist in game which lets you change about everything about the look of your character including a race change. The latter costs credits, but if you just want to change the way your character looks without changing race or gender, it’s available for in-game currency. I did not get the skin color bundle as I don’t really care about skin colors anyway. All I’ve changed so far is to make my dwarves’ hair colour more defined. Paeroka now has a stronger reddish-brown than she did before. My rogue had white hair with a hint of light blue and now it’s a stronger light blue with white. I just like that I can change the hair colour that easily now and won’t ever have to spend credits for that feature again.

Rift Rakes Outfit Mathosian FoldThe last item was the Rake’s bundle. This contains 4 cosmetic items that you can see on the right. It’s so pretty! When I first saw it, it was 1300 credits. Not cheap at all. But they currently have “fashion week” and the wardrobe items are on sale. So, with that sale and the 10% off from the patron status, I got it for 877 credits. Why does this never happen in real life? ;)

But the point I wanted to make, other than showing off my shiny new items, is that it pays off to wait and not buy piece after piece. They have also added a wish list now, so you can put the items that you want on a list and once you’re at a point where it’s expensive enough, you can get patron status for a few days and buy everything discounted and still save some money!

Rift Patron abilitiesAlso, when you do have patron status, don’t forget to activate your buffs. I had not been able to find them the first time I’d switched to patron. Very embarrassing. ;) They’re in your “Abilities” windows. It’s the lowest tab called “Patron Abilities”. Scroll down to the “Buffs” section and click on whatever you want. Be careful, though, they get activated right away, so you won’t get an item in your inventory.

6 thoughts on “Shopping spree in Rift

  1. Khortish says:

    Grats on the Credits! :D There’s a few contests running right now with more Credit prizes if you’re interested.

    Trion is currently holding a “Build a Better Preset” contest until Dec 3rd (tomorrow) at 10am PST. Prize is 30-day patron pass, amongst other things:
    Contest: Build a Better Preset

    The other is a Dimensions contest held by Kiwi called “Dream Destination Celebration Dimension Contest”. It lasts under January 3rd when the contest ends and it’s about creating a Dimension with a ‘fun’ theme to it. Winner gets 15,000 Credits, 2nd place is 10,000 Credits and 3rd place is 5,000 Credits, amongst other prizes and titles!
    Dimension Contest Info.


    • paeroka says:

      Thank you for the links. Unfortunately, I’m not fit enough for either. ;) I am curious about the presets, though, and which one will win. I’m using them at the moment while levelling, because I’m too lazy to choose something myself and remember where to put the next point every time I level up. ;)


      • Khortish says:

        Np. :D The current presets are heavily, heavily outdated. They weren’t really good to begin with, but are almost a year old – which makes them very inefficient since class souls are always changing up.


        • paeroka says:

          This could explain a lot… ;) On the other hand, the build I’m using, or rather the builds I have been using, sounded logical. One was from the forums, though. A build for the ranged soul of the warrior (give me another year or so and I will finally remember the soul names… Tempest?). That one was fun, but I got bored of ranged only, so I decided for a melee supporter. Very nice when Rifts are up and I’m in a raid and seem to get XP from everywhere without even doing anything. Maybe I should look at the forums for a better build then. :)


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