Is Guild Wars 2 getting more alt-friendly?

Since the latest announcement for next Tuesday’s content patch, I have been wondering: is Guild Wars 2 getting more alt-friendly?

GW2 molten alliance mining pickWe had heard and seen lots of complaints (and, as always, people who like the way things are. I just thought I should mention it for the sake of completeness) about the fractal levels being specific for each character. World vs. world ranking is bound to characters. The gathering tools were also a reason for complaints. Those who only play one character bought the gathering tools once and were done. Others, people like me, wanted to play more characters and either had to live without the convenience or buy new gathering tools for each character. Since one tool was 800 gems, that would have meant spending 2400 gems per character.

Thankfully, ArenaNet changed that in a recent patch. But not only that. Additionally, if you bought more than one of each gathering tools, you can get a refund! – Please read the instructions there carefully and contact support BEFORE deleting any duplicates.

That isn’t all, though. With the next patch (“Fractured” on November 26), fractals will have their character-specific levels removed and instead, your account will have one single level for fractals. If you’re not happy with your chosen profession anymore, you can now switch between professions more freely. Having armor with agony resistance will still be required for the higher fractals, though. Don’t forget about that when you jump into the fun after the patch arrives.

On the other hand, there are still the ascended items. True, you may not necessarily need them. But if you want to equip more than one character with ascended weapons and ascended armor (once it arrives), you’ll be busy for quite some time. Besides needing a lot of gold as well, of course. I’m just not sure how they could change that part… except for making the items cheaper. But first, ascended armor has to arrive. Then we can see how expensive it will be.

For the time being, I am relatively happy, however, that I can switch between my mesmer and my warrior and can still enjoy the convenience of the gathering tools. Oh, and I can try fractals with both of them. I haven’t really had them step inside yet. Part of that was because I wasn’t sure which one I would really want to take there – or maybe some completely different profession, after all. As it is now, I can try and switch between my characters as I like.

4 thoughts on “Is Guild Wars 2 getting more alt-friendly?

  1. ArcherAvatar says:

    Changes like these are something I’ve been hoping for since launch, and I’m very happy to see them. Currently, with 8x level 80 characters (one of each class… all asura of course) the permanent harvesting tools were just something I looked longingly at, but had to let pass me by – there was no way I could afford them for each character, and it just didn’t make any sense to me to get them for only one.
    At one point in the game’s evolution ALL gathering tools were soulbound (ack !) which was a complete nightmare for me… once that changed to account bound a few months ago I was able to simply stock up on T6 tools purchased with karma, keep them in my account bank… that was an “ok” solution for me… it worked… but several tabs of my account bank were taken up with my stockpile of tools.
    Now, with the permanent tools becoming account bound (snoopy happy dance) it has made it possible for me to free up some bank space and still do my harvesting runs with all 8 characters… I just stop by the bank at the beginning and end of each run to swap out tools. I also really like the axe and pick animations that I have (can’t remember what they’re called but it’s the spooky axe and the grim pick… not the lightning and fire versions) but I’m still waiting to see a sickle animation that I can live with. (The jack-in-the-box one was simply not acceptable to me, and the other was not currently available.)
    ANet is doing a pretty damn good job IMO of slowly introducing tweaks and improvements to the game. It’s probably not something a lot of folks really see, but playing each class pretty much everyday (for a harvesting run thru Frostgorge, Malchor’s, and Cursed at least) let’s me really notice the changes to each class over time… several have been markedly improved over the first year of the game… some, could still use a little work (heh) but all in good time…
    (BTW Paeroka, your 2 favs, Warrior and Mesmer, are currently among my top 3 “champion killers” that I use for soloing champions in the open world… Guardian being the other one… Zzyrk, Typoezz, and Sarj.)


    • paeroka says:

      I cannot stand the animation of the jack-in-the-box one. I still remember ANet saying quite often “no, this does not belong to our vision of design aesthetic” when players were requesting things (like more human female faces without makeup! Or faces with scars), I think it’s ridiculous that something like this is in the game. It’s fun around halloween or carnival, but that’s it.

      I did not get the first permanent gathering tool when they first introduced it, as that was at a time where I was still pondering whether to play mesmer or warrior as my main and even with just those two characters, I did not want to waste any money on a character that I then wouldn’t play often. Only when I’d decided for my warrior did I buy the gathering tools. I’m very happy that I can switch them now, as I’m kind of missing playing my mesmer lately. Having to switch between my gathering tools all the time and making sure I have an extra set in my bags was annoying. It’s the tiny things that make gameplay fun, after all. ;)

      I’m still “stuck” with 4 characters at level 80. Two asura, one sylvari ranger and one charr engineer. Though I don’t regret those choices at all. I have, however, created a second necromancer because as fun as the charr is, I want an asura necro! And I have also created an asura engineer (who probably won’t get levelled), and an asura guardian, because I can’t stand the way the human looks… in general, in heavy armor. She’s too… tall. I still only have a sylvari thief, because that thief looks awesome with his thorny beard! ;)


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