You’re invited to our Christmas Party!

Christmas is actually not that far off anymore. We watched “Love Actually” yesterday which starts 5 weeks before Christmas and everybody already seems to be in a Christmas mood. Look at the calendar, count the weeks. Yup.

Our guild, Dragon Season, is having its Christmas Party on December 6, 9.30pm GMT +2 (or look here for your time zone). It’s organized by me, just like our last guild party. :)

DS Christmas Party invitation

As is usual for us, we do not restrict the party to guild members. If you want to tag along, feel free to do so. Everybody is invited! We will have games, prizes (we’re still taking donations, by the way :p) and lots of fun. The meeting point will be the Biergarten in Hoelbrak and I assume you’ll find us somewhere around that place throughout the evening.

We’re still on EU Aurora Glade, which sadly means that those who cannot guest to EU servers can’t party with us. :( I still really hate this restriction!

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