Waiting for Helm’s Deep…

lotro_hobbits_picnicEdit: We have just gotten an update from Sapience on the official forums. The expansion is postponed and will be released on November 20th instead.

I was hoping I could log on to Lotro and buy the expansion (Helm’s Deep) tonight. It will cost 4295 Turbine Points for the complete expansion minus the extras you got for pre-purchasing with “real money”. I am not sure I will continue playing my warden now that they’re changing the way builds work, but I had thought about de-dusting my runekeeper.

Unfortunately, Turbine’s game servers went down early this morning (European timezone). Apparently, the data server that hosts the servers had a power outage. The servers are back up (or most of them, at least), but they cannot just put the update on the servers now. Testing has to be done – I assume. I’m not too sure how that all works. But if they’re delaying it, there are probably serious reasons for doing so.

All LOTRO game worlds are now available. At this time, the Helm’s Deep launch remains temporarily delayed. We will keep you updated #LOTRO

So currently, all we can do is sit and wait for them to update us on the situation. I bet that’s not how they pictured this day!

The “good news” is that players can still logon and get rid of their bounder tokens for as long as the servers are still available, as those tokens will be gone once Helm’s Deep is here. And, of course, if you still haven’t bought your housing chests, hurry online and do so now!

For updates on the situation, watch their Twitter account, Facebook page or maybe the dev tracker of the official forum. Although I guess social media outlets are updated before their forums are updated as gaming companies seem to prefer those outlets for fast news (I guess news spread faster on there than via the forum).

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  1. Servers went down last night so looks like HD is being delayed so I will be able to cash in the last of my tokens and get that house for my dwarf rune-keeper :)

    There are a lot of sad LOTRO players on Forums missing HD….


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