Trove – Trion Worlds’s newest addition

Trove Twitch Stream

On Friday, Trion Worlds revealed their newest game, Trove. According to bookahnerk, they had hinted about it a bit before, but I had totally missed it. So far, I’m not 100% sure what to make of it, but I do know that I would love to get my hands on the alpha to test it. I love seeing games develop and grow.

Trove Twitch StreamThe reactions that I saw in the chat during the livestream were pretty mixed. There were people who were extremely excited and other who called “Game X-clone”. I am in the middle, I guess. I am curious and want to see what it’s all about and how it plays while acknowledging that it does seem and look similar to games like Minecraft, Terraria, Cube World, and even the Super Adventure Box from Guild Wars 2. However, I have only played Terraria and the SAB, so I won’t judge the game. Especially since I haven’t played it yet. Besides, a clone well done is better than… nothing. ;) Games are constantly evolving and I think it’s good when developers take a game and change it to make it their own. I personally loved the Diablo clone Torchlight, especially since they added pets that fight with you and that you can send back to town to sell items you found to the NPC (and in Torchlight 2, they can also bring you back items like health potions). Less time wasted, more time actually playing the game. I love that feature!

But back to Trove. JunkiesNation wrote a guide on what we already know about the game. So if you’re curious, head over there.

What I found most intriguing was that they’re planning to regularly reset the worlds. Some things will stay, but the worlds in general will start new. Sounds like this could keep things fresh and they could regularly add new things. I’m not sure how good the promise of weekly updates will work. I am not a fan of developers who put a time pressure on their creativity. Please, take longer if you need to, but then give us something well thought-out instead of things you just pushed out the door because you want to keep to your promised schedule! But I guess before I should worry about that, we should first get our hands on the game. ;) Oh, it’ll be free to play, by the way. We’ll see how that works out in the end as there will be a cash shop and this always makes or breaks a game for me.

You can already sign up for the alpha on the game’s website. They said they will start inviting people in the coming weeks. If you need more information first, you can also watch the Twitch stream where they showed the game for the first time. The part about Trove starts at around 57:00.


  1. I only heard briefly about it but haven’t really digged much into the info. In fact, I think this post is where I got the most info about it so far! :)

    Anyway, I am not sure how I feel about it. I have yet to play Minecraft, but I do love Terraria. And somehow that just feels to me like this is their answer to Everquest Next which has a lot of world building too, in the form of Everquest Landmark. Ok, maybe that might be a stretch since both games are pretty different in the end. But I just can’t shake that feeling!

    So, yeah. Not sure what to make of this yet, if I will give it a try or not or if I will just skip it.


    1. You’re right! Both bookahnerk and I had to think about EQN Landmark as well. Though we, just like you, aren’t sure why exactly. Maybe it’s because “they make MMOs and now add a building game”? ^^


      1. That is quite possible. Now that I think about it, if EQN Landmark and/or Trove succeed it might become the next buzzword for MMOs: “build, destroy and change the entire game world!”

        Regardless, I think it will be interesting to see how both handle the issues of players trying to use the tools to make indecent imagery or grief each other. At least the population issue (i.e. it will come to a point where there is no more empty space for new people to settle in and build) we already know how Trion will solve: they will just reset the worlds from time to time.


        1. Yep, I like that part. When I tried out Wurm Online, I was so unhappy to see that I could not find a little spot to claim for myself. :(

          In World of Dungeons, it’s nice that when you’ve reached max level, you can try to get through a few more dungeons, but most of the groups have either succeeded already at that point or won’t succeed in them anyway (not the right group constellation, items aren’t good enough, etc.) and I like that they regularly restart the game worlds, because it means everybody can start again, try out a new class, etc. And there’s not a big worry about “endgame”. ;)


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