The online game you’ve been playing the longest…

I am always shocked when I see the sign-up date below my character’s name in World of Dungeons, which I’ve been playing since May 2005. Without a break even. The servers restart every 2 years or so and I’ve just never managed to get away from that game.

It’s not an MMO, but it’s not your standard browser game either. It requires a fixed group of players (if one leaves, you’ll have to find another one as playing with less than 12 heroes gets very difficult) and it’s 100% text-based (and the dungeons are on a 7-hour schedule). In a time where action and graphics are more important than anything else, this is still a very rare jewels in the world of browser games.

I know I’ve mentioned this game several times over the life of this blog. It still is to this day one of my favourite games – quite obviously, or there’d be no sense in playing it for that many years. However, it makes me wonder… apart from the obvious problem of games shutting down and closing servers, are the current MMOs I’m playing games that could keep me for this long? Amazingly enough, World of Warcraft may be such a game if only I hadn’t grown tired of paying monthly subs. ;) But it’s not a real comparison since I had taken breaks from the game. A break is not possible in that browser game since the rest of the group marches on through the dungeons and your character always strolls along (thankfully, they do that automatically, so you won’t have to be in front of the PC once every 7 hours…). However, you can give control over your character to somebody else for the time you’re away from your PC or are too busy with something else (exams at university were the reasons I had the most often that kept me away from playing).

In this game’s case, it’s also partly the community, I guess. The small group has gotten a core of four members that have been together for most of those years. Bookahnerk, me and two others. We don’t know much about each other’s private lives, though, as we mostly just chat about the game and communication is almost exclusively on the forum.

Which online games have you, dear readers or passers-by, been playing for the longest time? Or was a game closed that you just know you’d still play if it was still available?

4 thoughts on “The online game you’ve been playing the longest…

  1. Rakuno says:

    Hm. I think the longest online game I stay with this far has been Everquest 2. Although this is more due to the people and the housing than anything else. I think I have been staying with it for about… 4 or 5 years now. Maybe 6? There were a lot of breaks and attempts to leave in all this time too. And although I don’t love the game itself, I do love the people I play with and the housing. Everything else I can deal with.


    • paeroka says:

      “Attempts to leave” never sounds good, though. Although I definitely get the community part. :) I’m not sure I would have played World of Dungeons for as long as I have if I hadn’t always had a “core team”. Even when we found people that turned out to be idiots (and stole items from us, for example -.-), we always were a team and had fun together and we know we can rely on each other and trust each other in the game.


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