Rift 3.0: Coming in bits and pieces?

Rift DroughtlandsI already wondered when we would hear more about the upcoming expansion for Rift. So far, we know that we will get the standard: increase of the level cap, new zone(s), new souls, among other things. All of which I am looking forward to. But I have not been able to find any time frame when that expansion should come out.

The warrior will get a healing soul. Then I (playing warrior as my main) would be capable of filling every role: tanking, melee damage, ranged damage, healing and support. No need for ever levelling another character…

Who am I kidding? ;) Of course, I want to switch between different playstyles. The warrior tank plays and feels very different to the cleric tank, for example. Same goes for the mage’s and the cleric’s healing. I’ve only experienced all of them at low levels, but I doubt the general feeling and playstyle is suddenly exactly the same at maximum level. ;)

But I digress. I just wanted to say that I want them to take my money now and give me the expansion – or just a date when they’ll release it! By the way, “the expansion” will actually be free but you’ll have to pay to unlock the new souls. I think that’s fair. If you’re not interested, don’t pay, but you’ll get everything else.

Rift_Level 41Trion Worlds released a “State of the Game” report today and I can’t help but think that it sounds a lot like ArenaNet’s philosophy with Guild Wars 2. They will apparently not release everything on one day but give us certain features over the course of the time it takes them to say “now the expansion is complete, you have received everything we have”. ArenaNet goes a bit further and says that they might never make an “expansion” at all and only give us new features, new zones, etc. once every few weeks. This could just be semantics then. Who knows… Either way, both say that they want to give us players new features piece by piece and not everything at once on the same day.

That’s not where the similarities end. Riftnation has a summary of the 2.5 content that’s coming out at the moment and it seems that they’ll give us more every week. It reminded me of ArenaNet’s biweekly releases that usually contain “living story” content. Unfortunately, my character in Rift is still too low level to experience any of the 2.5 content. She hit level 42 a few days ago and the new stuff is on Ember Isle which starts with level 50 or so.

Either way, I am excited and hope we’ll get see the first few new things soon!

What do you think?

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