GW2: Permanent gathering tools are now account-bound

GW2 exchange permanent gathering tool

Yes, I’d like to upgrade my soulbound permanent gathering tool!

The latest patch has just arrived in Guild Wars 2 and just at the bottom of the released patch notes, there was this tiny important piece of information:  The previously soulbound when equipped permanent gathering tools are now account-bound. If you have already bought them in the past, they will still be soulbound, but you can exchange them!

Unequip them, then go to the Black Lion Weapons Specialist above the Trading Post in Lion’s Arch. It is important that you unequip the gathering tools first! Then the NPC will offer you the chance to trade the soulbound versions against account-bound ones.

For every good thing, there’s also the shadowy side of it all. From now on, the permanent gathering tools will cost 1000 gems each instead of 800 in the past. But those will be account-bound, of course!

GW2 old soulbound gathering tool exchange

Old soulbound harvesting sickle about to be exchanged

3 thoughts on “GW2: Permanent gathering tools are now account-bound

  1. Rose says:

    This npc is not where he says it is. It is inside the trading post, behind the npcs to the left if your going into the trading post.


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