Redesign… sort of…

Nerdy Bookahs Logo Weiss transparentLook! I have changed our blog’s layout. I loved the clean and easy look of the other one (Twenty Eleven), but I always want to stuff so many things in the sidebar, that it got really cluttered and left me sad having to delete things from there. Now we’ve got two sidebars and can fit everything in that we want.

Another advantage of Coraline (or failing of Twenty Eleven) was that when you clicked on a specific post, there was no sidebar at all. But Coraline can still show both sidebars. It just wasn’t ideal to link people to one post specifically, but not have them see our beautiful logo. ;)

I wish we could adjust some more things, though. I am not really a fan of infinite scrolling when you’re at the bottom of a page. Thankfully, we at least don’t have a footer that you want to click on which disappears all the time because the site adds more content and moves you further away from the bottom of the page again (I’ve seen websites like these… there’s the link to their contact page… click it. Argh!). Additionally, the poor blog post in the middle seems a tad intimidated by the big sidebars. But I think I can make that better somehow… it’s probably just a design issue with what I’m putting in the sidebars on the top on each side.

Last but not least, if you have a look at the right sidebar and scroll down a little bit, you may see some gibberish, otherwise known as German, which you are very likely not able to read (judging by the locations people are from according to our stat page). Some of you should be able to read it, though, and while there’s nothing but two old entries at the moment, bookahnerk has decided to get into the blogging business. In German! He’s no longer just the man behind the scenes at Nerdy Bookahs, but he’ll be the guy on the stage in his blog. It will very likely be less busy than this blog (especially in November… ^^), but if you’re interested in reading a German gaming blog, then follow him – or just watch the space on the right sidebar.


  1. Interesting. I admit I never saw much the point of layouts with two columns. In fact I always thought it was a clunky solution for the problem of trying not to clutter the frontpage. But now I think I am convinced by it. In fact, I might give it a try myself eventually as I am running into the same dilemas as you.


    1. Oh cool. I haven’t even looked at the comment section… until now. But it seems to look quite good as well. :)

      Yeah, the main reason was the blogroll and bookahnerk’s blog. Right now, the blogroll is still short, but I would like to add blogs there (I am open for recommendations, by the way). So that meant a loooot of scrolling down just to see what we have on the sidebar.


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