Rift and Extra Life

Rift_Level 41We spent most of our Saturday and Sunday watching the Trion Worlds livestream. This was done for Extra Life. If you want, you can even re-enact the event as the twitch channel has the video for you to watch or rewatch. 25 hours should get you through the evening… ;)

The team managed to get $63,000 in donations. Those donations will go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Throughout the 25 hours, the CMs gave away a few things to people who donated, but also to people just watching the stream. I signed up and joined the Trion Worlds team which gave me a key for their game Defiance. Now if anybody could give me tips on how to play this game, this’d be much appreciated. I managed to die. Twice. Without even spotting my health bar. I feel like such a n00b. :(

So instead of failing over and over in Defiance, I played Rift. They had game-wide bonuses enabled. One of which was an XP boost that started with 20% and through the last hour of Extra Life, it went up to 80%. I did not get to play much during this one hour with 80%, but I played quite a bit when the bonus was at 60%. Thanks to that, I got two levels. When I started on Saturday, my warrior was level 39, now she is level 41. I’m getting so close to entering the expansion zone! Of course, considering this is my first character, everything is new and shiny anyway. It just feels a bit lonely with the big zones and hardly anybody around. The other players can usually be found in the starter zone (Rift lets you downlevel your character to be at an appropriate level for the zone) and, at least that’s what I assume, at the current max level zones. Additionally, the newest expansion isn’t too far off anymore and I would like to be closer to jumping into that zone when it comes out. The only problem I have with this, and with the upcoming patch 2.5, is that it’ll be underwater content. My phobia (dark water areas plus all the icky fish, etc. that’s in the water) has actually gotten a lot better since Guild Wars 2 released, but it’s still there and I would still very much prefer not to have any underwater mobs. But oh well, we’ll see. And even if the new zone is bad, at least we’ll get new souls for the four callings (classes).

Altogether, I snatched not only the Defiance key, but a 3 day patron pass (which comes with things like XP boosts), a mount (only 60% speed, so it’s not really useful for me, but it’s still pretty!) and a screechling pet (no complaints whatsoever about that one ^^). In return, I donated some money, because I like this cause.

Rift Screechling pet