Costumes, dyes and community events

GW2 witch outfit in algaeMyst had invited our guild to a Halloween event on our server and to celebrate properly, I bought the witch costume… my asura just looks too cute in it and it seems to be one of the few clothing pieces that actually looks different on female and male asura. When the Tequatl Rising dyes first appeared, I’d bought the algae dye for my warrior. She just looks good in toxic bright colours! You can see that dye in the screenshot together with emerald dye.

GW2_witch outfit algae on charrWhat I had not known until then was that dyes on costumes stay even if you give the costume piece to another of your characters. So I gave the costume to my charr and it’s all still algae and emerald. This is probably widely known already and I’m the only person who hadn’t figured it out yet. ;)

But I love that at least a tiny little part of clothes can be dyed by just one character and the others don’t need to unlock any dyes for that. My warrior is working her way through the rare dyes now. She unlocked all common and uncommon ones. I doubt I’ll get the really expensive ones like deep glacial dye (147 gold… seriously?).

And speaking of the Halloween event: It was a lot of fun. Thank you again, Myst, for inviting us! I’ve even won something for my costume. I was dressed as a bed of roses. Paerjja got third place, following bookahnerk with his sophisticated monocle on second place and a quaggan with a kite on first place. Come on. Quaggan! With a tiny kite! We had no chance. ;)

GW2 Spooktacular CostumesIt was also the first event where I had no organizer role and could just relax and enjoy myself. But to be honest, I’m just looking forward to the next two events that we’re planning… one will be in December, our guild’s winter party. As is usual for our guild’s parties: Everybody can join! You’ll hear more about it here when we get closer to the event. :)


  1. Both your characters look very cute in that outfit and those dyes do look awesome with that costume! :)

    I also can’t see how anyone can beat a quaggan with a tiny kite. It is like the ultimate combo!

    And I just remembered I have yet to do anything Halloween related this year for Guild Wars 2! I was meaning too but EQ2 still keeps me busy. Ah, well.


    1. Does EQ2 have Halloween? I’ve found the one in GW2 a bit boring, to be honest. I was really surprised by the dark story last year with the scavenger hunt, trying to find out about the Mad King’s history. This part isn’t in the game this year, so that’d disappointing. :(


      1. It does, yes. But it is like 4 or 5 themed quests plus a special collection. No tying storyline for all of them. There isn’t any new quest this year though (only some new rewards like a plushie scarecrow to put in your house and a house skeleton kitty pet). Plus I’ve been busy getting Rakuno to level 95 that is why I haven’t written anything about it. It goes until… November 11th, I think, if you want to check it out.

        I remember last year and it was quite fun. I was hoping it would be cool this year too but according to what you just said and what I’d read in other blogs I guess I am not missing that much. :/


        1. It’s not that the quests are that bad in GW2, but not that good either… Ha, yes, I said quests! What else are those? Just because they call them achievements, doesn’t make them non-quests. ;)

          I just hope the Wintersday stuff will be as good as last year. I spent hours hopping on the big choir bell (or just pressing buttons… same thing ^^).


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