GW2 Ascended Wupwup blade

My precioussss… and drop luck

GW2_Ascended_Wupwup blade_smallMy last few days in one picture. I finally got my engineer’s weaponsmith crafting to 500 which left me almost broke. Then I could craft the Wupwup blade today. If you want to tell me that a berserker’s sword would have been the better choice: Shush! I love those colours. I wanted such a weapon before the patch even hit, when I’d first seen the screenshot with the rifle. I do not care about maximizing my stats and being the best of the best of the best. I want to look nice while not being completely useless for my group and I guess I accomplish this goal with this weapon. ;)

On top of that, I’d completed the Fields of Ruin map and got a black lion key as a reward. And out of the locked black lion chest hopped a mini Caithe. I think my luck for this week is complete. ;)

Additionally, on Tuesday evening we went to do Twilight Arbor with its new path and managed to complete it in just under three hours. I have done the living story on the first evening. It’s such a great and relieving feeling to not worry about doing achievements within a given time frame. I’ve got two weeks of just playing the game and enjoying it the way I want to without feeling like I’m missing out on something. I wish it was like that more often.

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