My precious: A signed copy of the Rift CE

Rift CEQuite some time ago, I was watching the weekly Rift livestream. I admit, I also do that because they give away codes for hellbug mounts and I would love to get one. If you watch the video, you will see that I did not win that one. Bummer… or maybe not. ;) At the one hour mark, they’re showing a Rift Collector’s Edition: pretty, shiny and signed by the Rift staff. At 1 hour and 4 minutes, they’re drawing the winner. If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce my name, you can hear it on there. ;) I almost fell out of my chair. There were more than 1000 people watching. What are the odds…?

I still can’t believe I’ve won this thing! I did get the digital upgrade to the CE back when the game got released, so I may give the CE key to a friend who has started playing after it went free to play. After all, it would make two people happy instead of just me! I also don’t think I’ll get anything fancy that I don’t have yet, because the digital goodies that came with the digital CE upgrade are identical to the digital items that come with the physical CE key. But the CE came with a mousepad, a Rift USB-stick (the “Rift” letters glow in blue when it’s plugged into the PC), the soundtrack and a Rift comic book. So lots of physical goodies.

It took the CE quite a bit to get here and for a while, I feared I would never have it sent to me. I bothered the CMs for a bit, though, and I also assume it was stressful for them with Elrar leaving, Trion Worlds restructuring a bit, etc. Last week, I was told that the CE would be sent on Friday. When did the snail mail get that fast? It flew from the USA to Germany within just a few days. Amazing! It also had almost perfect timing as it was my birthday last week.

Dog and Rift CEWhen it arrived, I wasn’t the only one who was excited, though. My dog sadly mistook the parcel for one containing something edible. While I went to get the scissors to open the box, she happily gnawed on a corner of the parcel to get it open. She is rather smart, though, and decided to not waste her time when she saw me return with the scissors and just waited until I had opened it. As you can see, she thoroughly inspected the parcel just to be really disappointed when she saw it contained nothing to eat at all. Anyway, enough about my dog. Here is the shiny Collector’s Edition. And it really is shiny with all the gold and silver signatures on it!

The best part is the soundtrack CD, though. I love soundtracks and this one is very nice and distinctive.

Thank you, Trion Worlds!


    1. Thank you! And yes, it is. :) It’ll definitely be put into my gaming shelf (which isn’t too fancy yet unless you count the Rytlock figurine).


  1. Congratulations on winning the CE box, happy birthday and… I really love that your dog thought the parcel contained food at first. That is just cute! (<— dog person) :)


    1. Cute and sad. I don’t like disappointing my poor dog like that. ;) Though she seemed content to watch me unwrap whatever was in the box instead and it probably still was interesting for her with all the different smells it probably had (though it always makes me quite glad our noses aren’t as good as hers… ^^).


  2. Holy crap, that was lucky, I did buy the digital CE of RIft when it was released but I am a sucker for CE boxed copies of MMO’s, would love to have one of those…


    1. Yeah, VERY lucky! :)

      I’ve only bought one physical CE so far: Warhammer Online. I do own the Guild Wars 2 CE, but that was a gift from bookahnerk. And now Rift, of course, but again, I didn’t pay for that one. :p


      1. Hehe, I have FFXIV 1.0 and ARR as boxed sets and SWTOR, altho I did get rid of the box as it was far to big, I did want to get the GW2 box with that statue but decided against the £130 price tag, everything else has been digital downloaded like EQ2 and Rift, I did buy the boxed copy of Secret World but bought the grandmasters pack in game, have had none CE boxes for EQ2, CoH/V, Champions Online and others but have since thrown them out, I do like some of the bits you get in CE boxed copies but mainly depends on the game lol


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