Recap: Dragon Season Beach Party 2013

GW2 DS Beach Party

Our guild, Dragon Season, celebrated its first anniversary within Guild Wars 2 on Friday. Naive as I am, I volunteered to organize the event. I thought I’d put a few trivia questions together, give away 2 or 3 item skins, then a few unidentified dyes and be done with it. Being rather poor myself, I put something into the donation pool and asked the other guild members if they wanted to donate something as well. The result was that we had 25 prizes ranging from the Consortium Clipper Focus Skin to the Killer Whale Quaggan Backpack, to unidentified dyes, blueprints for the WvW players and a Holographic Dragon Wing Cover. I had decided for a mix of trivia questions about Guild Wars 2 and a sort of bounty hunt where I gave a hint about an NPC in Lion’s Arch and the first person to bow to that NPC won the item. The “giveaway” part of the event ended after about two hours with handing a few more in-game t-shirts to players and two hopefully happy winners of GW2 mousepads (yup, real items for the outside world, for a change).

As is usual for me, I was done with all preparations less than an hour before the event started. Whew. A tiny bit stressed but armed with my excel file, a prepared speech, my asura in her best town outfit (including her reading glasses, of course) and my trusted helper, bookahnerk, who’d gotten loaded with all the items we’d give away. You didn’t think Paerjja would actually carry all those items around, did you? ;)

The event was, in short, amazing. And a tiny bit stressful. But most of all, amazing. It started at 9pm CEST and it only took a few minutes for the first 15 people to show up. Throughout the evening, there were about 30 to 40 people present – with about 10 at the end… it did get late, after all (we left past 1am).

As is usual for our parties (of which we’ve had a whole whopping two by now – but more will surely follow!), we had Tilion play DJ on our voice chat supplying us with music. Most of the conversations took place in “say” with just a few in the guild channel. We had lots of people present who weren’t in our guild and we did not want to exclude anybody. So while the music was playing on Raidcall, people were chatting in “say”, running through LA searching for NPCs and answering my trivia questions. There was lots of dancing, fireworks and quite a lot of boxes of fun (I think we can thank the achievement points reward system for that!). I really loved seeing our community get together like that and while I know very well that getting free items probably had something to do with it, I don’t think it would have been boring without them at all. Maybe we would have just been one or two people less there. ;) We also managed to crowd our server, as people who were on overflow shards could not join us anymore. That was rather sad. Additionally, at some point, bookahnerk got “silenced for excessive messaging”, even though he had only announced the next winning item (25 messages in “say” over the course of 2 hours). I also got silenced, but I really did write a lot in “say”. That hinders events like these where you want to communicate with the other players and can’t. I’d love to know how that system works and if it was just the amount of messages per se or the linking of items, etc. that triggered the block. On the other hand: Yay no culling anymore! I could actually see every single player who partied with us.

Oh well, I could go on and on and tell you how much fun we’ve had, but that would be boring. Instead, I’m going to leave you with a small picture gallery that will probably tell you much more about the event than I could and, just for fun, with the trivia questions and the three bounty hunt questions. If you want, try to answer them and figure out if you would’ve had a chance to win an item. ;) How many could you answer correctly?

Find an NPC in Lion’s Arch:
1. An “artist” blocked by “birds”
2. Two cold gladiators with a safety net.
3. The only centaur in Lion’s Arch

Trivia questions:
1. Which two professions can use hammers?
2. Which two professions have no weapon swap?
3. An animal in Rata Sum’s prison that isn’t quite an animal…?
4. Bear, wolf, raven, lynx – which one does not belong here?
5. Name the colour of Queen Jennah’s shoes.
6. Name one of the two green ingredients in nightmare slaying potions.
7. Which profession was first revealed instead of the mesmer?
8. Why is there a bounty on Trillia Midwell?
9. Which professions have “torment”?
10. What’s Zojja’s golem called?
11. WvW: Name one of the two realms that were matched with Aurora Glade until a few hours ago.
12. Wvw: Which colour does the Northern WvW map have?
13. What colour does the Quaggan backpack have that appeared first in the game?
14. Which resource is the warrior building up when fighting?
15. How many illusions can a mesmer have out at the same time?
16. Which profession has minions?
17. What does a blood well do?
18. When was Guild Wars 2 officially released?
19. In what release (name) did the Dragon’s Jade weapon skins first appear?
20. Who originally wrote the Dragon Bash song?
21. Just a guess: When do you think we’ll see the Super Adventure Box again given the current hints?
22. Which weapon has more than one legendary version?

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