I present to you: Mini Mr Sparkles!

Mini Mr Sparkles sideEDIT: I see my post is used as “confirmation” that the only way to get mini Mr Sparkles is from Gamescom. This is NOT true. What is true is that so far, those of us who went to gamescom are apparently the only people who have gotten a code yet. But ArenaNet also said that more codes will be given for events and to fansites to give out. So just because so far, we are the only ones with codes, does not mean we will stay the only ones. Thankfully, because I think it’s a very pretty miniature and I hope that everybody who wants one will be able to get one sooner or later!

We went to Gamescom yesterday and also to ArenaNet’s community event in the evening. I’ll write more about those later this weekend (Gamescom was meh, the event was awesome!), but I wanted to show you this little golem first. During the community event, we got a bag with some goodies in it and one of those was a code card (just like the ones we got for the in game t-shirts) for mini Mr Sparkles. I love minis, so the first thing I did this morning (after making coffee, of course), was entering the code and go for a walk with my new golem!

Don’t be sad if you don’t have one and want one. While we were not provided with any codes to give away, I am pretty certain – no, actually, I AM certain – that there will be events where you will at least have a chance to win one… and PAX, maybe? Though I’m not certain about that one. That’s just a guess. ^^


  1. I think that it’s a completely unfair tactic to give out an unique mini pet to people able to attend an event either because they live close or because that have a lot of money. I would really like to be able to buy this or earn this. I’m very displeased about how they handled this situation.


    1. Even though this will probably not make you much happier: They plan to give codes to special events and fansites to give away. So going to a special location will not be the only way to get this mini – and I agree, if this really was the only way, I’d be very unhappy as well despite having it myself now.


      1. While I’d love to have one too and don’t live anywhere close to such events, there has been prior precedent set with GW1 that some minis were offered like this, for promotional events only, and even a uber-duper super-rare mini that was apparently only given to Gaile Grey (http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/The_Frog)

        Mini Rytlock fer example is account bound and only available to collector’s edition or digital deluxe owners. Completionist miniature collectors have always been more than a little screwed or have had to be very rich and/or lucky.


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