Caledon Forest in Maguuma Jungle

Caledon Forest is the first region you enter with a sylvari character. I never paid too much attention to it other than realizing that the sylvari get in touch with risen pretty fast. When I went through this region again to get all the screenshots, I found an asura who told me about the Soundless. They’re kind of in between the sylvari and the nightmare court. I am curious about this aspect: Why do sylvari cut off from the Dream? To me, it sounds pretty practical to have such a connection. ;)

At least, the Soundless aren’t torturing and killing everybody who doesn’t want to follow them. They seem pretty peaceful.


  1. Somewhat late with the comment but the impression I got with the Soundless is that they are some sort of ascetic Sylvari. In that, they seek to completely isolate themselves from the world to find some sort of enlightment. That means cutting themselves from the Pale Tree as well.

    Oh, and nice pictures as always. :)


    1. Thank you! :)

      That sounds like a good explanation. It’s just weird for sylvari because they come off as those very curious beings, but I guess not every sylvari is like that then.


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