It’s all about the size…

Paerjja_KitesArenaNet has shown their appreciation towards those who bought gems and gave us loyal customers a free kite three weeks ago. I got the sun kite and my little asura was jumping around merrily with it, being perfectly happy and content with it. It’s so cute and fits her current colour scheme, after all (gold and red dyes).

And then she met some guildies. I know… I know… “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!”. But seriously, look at the size of the kites that the norn and the sylvari got! And now imagine what an asura as brilliant as Paerjja could do with it. No more travelling by foot. No more jumping from waypoint to waypoint not knowing what to expect around the corner. She would just need to add a few gizmos, calibrate a few things to take air pressure into account, and everything else that asura do to make things work and she could comfortably fly everywhere. But noooo, she has to live with that tiny little thing that’s just good for its looks.

Paerjja_Kite_RainThankfully, she found a great alternative use for it. It’s an umbrella!

The rain may be difficult to see here, but she was soaking wet before she realized she could use the kite. Thankfully, it was just rain and no thunderstorm…

What do you think?

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