Labyrinthine Cliffs

The latest patch introduced the Labyrinthine Cliffs. This is a region in Maguuma Jungle that is only accessible by boat (you take it in Lion’s Arch). Labyrinthine Cliffs is high up in the air, so there is a lot of jumping. I found it so beautiful that I decided to add it to the screenshot gallery.

Sadly, it’s temporary content and will go away in less than a month again. Try to have a look at it yourself or just leaf through the pictures here. ;) I don’t remember right now, but it may reappear in the future as ArenaNet said that they will have some content be recurring.

Note: It took me quite some time to take all those screenshots, sort through them and upload them here. However, they’re not just for looking. If you want to use them (e.g., as a desktop wallpaper, for fanart, in your blog,…) feel free to do so – as long as it complies with ArenaNet’s copyright, of course, and you’re not saying it was you who took those screenshots. ;)


  1. How amazing is this zone?? I love it!! It’s like a mixture of Cantha and Elona from Guild wars 1 it’s just so beautiful. And the music is great too. Such a shame thier taking it away, makes me very sad :)


  2. This zone looks absolutely amazing! I haven’t played GW2 in about three weeks due to being busy IRL, but I am really looking forward to getting back into it to see this new stuff!

    Is this a permanent area or a special zone that will only be around for a little bit?


    1. Definitely not permanent, unfortunately. There’s hinting it may come back (see also here for the most recent one:

      It’ll stay until the end of this month. The current event also lets you get a crystal (mining) node in your home instance that you can mine to get some new crafting material. You need to complete 16 achievements for that. I have no idea if nobody will be able to get that node anymore once the event is over. I don’t think that’d be a good idea, so I’m guessing that’s yet another reason this region may come back in the future.


  3. Amazing photos of a truly amazing zone!
    Last night (August 5) I saw a guildie running around frantically in the Cliffs. I asked her what bit her and she replied “I’m taking last minute photos”. It made me so sad, as realization that we’ll be deprived of this zone hit me!
    Fortunately, there’s more than just hints that we’ll see it again in the future. The latest forum post by Colin ( clearly states that it, alolng with SAB and Mad King’s labyrinth etc, belong to the recurring content. So, so long Labyrinthine Cliffs. Have a safe journey beloved Sanctum. Dear Zephyrites, we’ll miss you!
    See you next year.


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