Bazaar Mini Quaggans

Some time ago, I was eyeing that blue quaggan backpack. In the meantime, I had bought a striped tiger one as I could get that one for gold. When I finally bought a gem card, I wasn’t so sure anymore that I wanted the blue quaggan backpack anymore. The tiger one looked great on my mesmer and why should I get a second backpack item to put the skin on it? My warrior wanted Tybalt on her back and as you can see, mission accomplished!

This means that I still had gems left and there was a mini pack with three quaggans. Of course, I had to get it! I actually first wanted to see what they looked like, but I couldn’t find anything online and I got too impatient to wait. So let me present to you: Paerjja’s new friends!

What’s your favourite quaggan?

Mine’s the blue one so far. He looks a bit like he’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt… perfect for a little vacation to the Bazaar.

4 thoughts on “Bazaar Mini Quaggans

  1. Rakuno says:

    There is a quaggan mini pack now? I guess I have been away from Guild Wars 2 for too long. :)

    Anyway, my favorite one has to be the pirate one. He just reminds me of Halloween and all the fun from that event. :)


    • paeroka says:

      It’s new. Just came in yesterday with the patch. :)

      The pink one is a bit too boring. She’s cute with her bow, but as they’re not doing anything other than getting on their hindlegs to look around, it’s just not too interesting to look at her. ;)


    • paeroka says:

      At the moment, no. There was also the “Mini Quaggan Trick-or-Treater” on halloween, also in the gem store. I would assume, though, that the mini packs could return at some point. Or they will definitely add more quaggan minis. We love quaggans. FooOOooo.

      In the meantime, you could always stack up on Quaggan Tonics ( and be a quaggan yourself. ;)


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