GW2: Sea of Sorrows

Guild Wars 2 Sea of SorrowsWe have been waiting for a long looooong time and it’s finally here! The book arrived today and thankfully, I had a short day at work. So I sat here waiting for the post to arrive and when it didn’t, I went to look for it (they sometimes deposit it at our “safe spot” without ringing the bell). The parcel was waiting for me upstairs.

Everywhere I looked, it says that the book officially released on June 25. I don’t know why German Amazon already sent the books, but I’m happy they did. ;)

I can’t write a review about it, as I have only read two chapters so far. I will try to write my very first impression about it without adding any spoilers (hopefully). It starts in 1219 AE which is the year that Zhaitan awakens. The first chapter already has some details that you can find in the current game. I think something like this is very nice and it reminds you that the book plays in the very world that you play in as well. Maybe a few years later, but still. By the way, we currently have 1326 AE in the game.

The first two novels were really good already. I liked Ghosts of Ascalon, even though I found the first half or so a bit too long-winded until they finally arrived at their destination (trying to leave out spoilers here as well). Kranxx showed us that even asura can cry (well, he wouldn’t ever have admitted that, of course). And Edge of Destiny was great as it introduced the race’s icons Eir (and Garm), Logan, Zojja, Rytlock and Caithe. While it is true that these books aren’t anything exceptional per se, they were a very entertaining read for me and when I was in the last few chapters, I couldn’t put the books down until I was finished. I don’t judge books by how epic they are, I usually judge them by how much I want to know the end. There are authors who don’t have a great writing style, but they still tell a great story. It’s this that I want (while, of course, writing decently, at least).

The first two novels certainly belong to the “at least a decent writing style” part as they are not bad, but so far it seems that Ree Soesbee’s writing is no comparison. I really like the way she tells the story… there’s no proper way for me to explain this. Not being a native speaker means that I do not know every single word and I do not look up every word I do not know (it would take ages to finish the book then). But I can still see the characters in front of me and I can picture them moving around. I understand why they behave the way they do and I feel sympathy for them. It’s only been two chapters so far, so my opinion may change, but at the moment, I can only say that I can’t wait to read more!


  1. One thing that I have to say, is that I personally love YOUR way of writing. ;)


  2. Envious! I can’t get my hands on the EBook before June 25. That’s what Amazon tells me. I liked the first two books, GoA more so, and have higher expectations from the third book. It’s the end of trilogy and it’s Ree Soesbee!


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