Project 10/10: Where did day 8 go?

Do you remember that not that long ago, I announced that I was joining Syp in his 10/10 Project? If you have, you probably saw the first seven posts. And then… crickets…

Day 8 was supposed to be about “TERA”, but I did not enjoy playing it. I got through the tutorial with my first character, but didn’t like the class (I don’t even remember what it was). Then I played through the tutorial again with another character, but there was still nothing drawing me into the game or making me want to see more. I could go on and on about what I don’t like about the game (female castanics and their lack of armor, for one). The good thing about the other games that I had tried was that all of them at least had a certain charm to them. TERA, for me, was lacking in this department.

I gave up after the tutorial and trying out a male… high elf, I think. I loved the blood elves in WoW (although I would have preferred the leaner version they had first before making them bulkier), but I didn’t like the high elves in TERA. I don’t even know what exactly it was. As I said, the game didn’t “click”. That happens sometimes and I’m sure every gamer who has tried several games has experienced that at some point.

For me, blogging is about fun. I do what I do because I like doing it and I’m always happy when people say they enjoyed reading my entries. It’s the same with gaming for me and this is what it should be, right? A fun thing to do in your free time. Playing TERA was no fun, writing about it wouldn’t be either. ;) But it took me a while to figure out that it’s not just TERA. I liked the idea of the project and I still do, but the games I could choose from were not too appealing to me anymore. That’s why I decided to “give up” on the project now. Day 8 is lost and I don’t think I need to repeat what I didn’t like about the game. ;)

Moving on… I will instead use the two remaining games to re-visit two MMOs that I used to play at some point but didn’t continue playing for various reasons.