Mini Lion Cub – Miiiine!

I admit it, I’m weak! But doesn’t it look great with my warrior?

Guild Wars 2 Mini Lion Cub

The mini lion cub is only available for a week (4 more days at the moment) and then another mini will be in the gem store for a week. I don’t like that concept, to be honest. I want to see everything at the same time and not one mini after the other. But I guess they’re counting on that: You can’t compare, so you’ll just buy everything. Besides, they’re time-limited sales. You may never be able to buy them again!

I thought the hippo was cute, then the lion came and I realized this is much cuter! I’m glad I didn’t buy the hippo. ;) So no, I do not just buy everything they offer just because it’s a time-limited mini.

There’s just one question now: When will we see adult lions in the game? :o)


  1. I am not a fan of those kind of sales either but I still end up getting both minis. What can I say? I am a collector of them! Or at least I try to be. >_<

    I just hope that one of the next two will be some sort of canine… There just seems to have a bias towards felines in the mini department!

    Although I agree that an adult lion would be cool. Maybe as a new ranger pet. :)


    1. There’ll be the white kitten, the mini moa and the black bear baby. No puppy in sight. :(

      I don’t really get why there are so few dog minis in MMOs but so many cats. I mean, if you look outside, which pet do people take with them wherever they go? It’s certainly not their cat. ;)


      1. They already announced what the next ones will be? I guess I need to be better informed then. @_@

        And to answer your question, my guess is that it is a cat conspiracy. Those felines are pretty devious and capable of anything to get ahead in life!


        1. No, but if you look at the collectibles tab, you see them all as they appeared with one of the patches when the hippo got introduced. :)


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