GW2: Customize with dyes

Dyes: Spring Tide, Indigo, Tungsten
Dyes: Spring Tide, Indigo, Tungsten

One thing that I’m really disappointed with is the limited visual customization of your characters. For example, I bought Flummi a Tiger Charr Backpack. The problem was that I still only had a rare back item. So I spent 5 gold and 5 guild commendations and bought the Guild Assassin Backpack to put the look of the charr backpack on. I liked the look of that one as well, but the charr one was so much cuter. Then April 1 came and with it, the Super Backpack Cover. My problem is that I really love the look of that one as well! But in order to have that look, I would either have to transmute it over the charr (not going to happen!) or buy a second Guild Assassin Backpack… I’m going to do the latter probably. Then I would also want to have the actual look of the Guild Assassin Backpack.

I just don’t think it’s a great design if it means that in order to have more than one look at a time, I have to buy the stats for an item over and over again. lotro_cosmetic outfit slotsI really wish I could move the wardrobe system from Lotro over to Guild Wars 2. This one gives you several slots and you can put items in there that you want to have for their looks. Then in your character panel, you have several cosmetic outfit slots that you can use to put the look of those items in. In the screenshot on the right, you can see the Hauberk of the Mithril Guard. That character isn’t wearing a helmet and the shoes aren’t shown because hobbits don’t wear shoes, after all. ;) With a simple click, you can switch between different looks. You can even enable and disable individual items which can also be seen in the screenshot. Look at the little eyes at the lower right corner of each icon. If the eye is closed, this item’s look is disabled.

The wardrobe slots and the cosmetic outfit slots can be bought in the Turbine shop (including expansions of those slots). So as far as monetization is concerned, it can be used for that as well.

I just like being able to switch whenever I feel like it and Lotro gives me this choice.

Dyes: Butter, Spring Ice, Brick
Dyes: Butter, Spring Ice, Brick

But I’m trying to make the best out of the current situation. I won’t stop saying that I really greatly dislike the current system, but I’ll try to live with it. Instead of switching between different looks (except for the two backpacks for Flummi), I switch between dyes. Once a dye is unlocked for a character, this character can use it as often as you want.

On the other hand, dyes are unlocked per character and with a lot of alts like I have, this is going to be expensive. That’s why I decided to specialize my characters for now until I can, maybe, buy all dyes for all characters. My sylvari ranger left the dream around noon and she loves vibrant bright colours. My sylvari thief loves the night, so he gets all blue dyes. Unfortunately, there aren’t even that many cool blue dyes as far as I could see. My male asura elementalist feels very sophisticated, so white-ish colours it is. He likes pairing that with green hues because he thinks he looks radiant in them. I try to focus on natural metallic dyes (and red) with my asura warrior, but that’s mostly because I don’t think the other colours look too good on her armour. Last but not least, my charr warrior likes pastels as that fits best with her light fur.


    1. Oh, good article. I hadn’t seen it before. :) I think there aren’t a lot of players who really like the transmutation system. I know that Aion has something similar and I didn’t like it there either. In my opinion, Lotro is doing this almost perfectly.

      Specializing on dyes with alts means saving a lot of in-game gold. Of course, that’s again because dyes are character-specific and not unlocked for the whole account, but when choosing between this and the current transmutation system, then I think the dyes are the lesser evil. ;)


  1. Agreed about an appearance tab. I am still hoping it will one day become such a natural feature of MMOs and crafting are now. Until then I guess we’ll have to make do.

    Oh, and a very late congratulations on the blog anniversary! Sorry for not saying that when it was the actual anniversary but I wan’t in a very social mood at the time. >_<


      1. Still hoping too here! maybe if we keep writing whiny posts, it will eventually happen! ;) there’s so much wrong with cosmetics and customization in GW2 right now, the dyes are the only saving grace (but they should so be acc bound).

        And indeed, happy anniversary guys! and my feed is finally updating the site properly again on the blogroll! =)


        1. Thank you! :)

          I’m glad to hear it’s updating again as I have no idea why it wasn’t updating before. ;)

          Yep, let’s hope they’re coming up with a better design for customization. I love changing outfits in Lotro and my characters are dressed according to different seasons (or even differently according to the zone they’re running through – why should my asura wear a light dress in Frostgorge Sound?).


  2. Well said! The transmutation system feels more like a money sink than a facility right now :(
    Only way to deal with the cost it inflicts upon us is to do exactly what you propose (that’s what i do as well ^^): build each toon’s psychological profile and assign color palettes to it.


    1. Limiting yourself with a colour palette also means you need to be more creative when choosing a colour combination. ;)

      Getting the blue-rarity dyes isn’t even that much of a problem, but I won’t spend all my gold on getting the rare dyes for my other characters.


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