The 10/10 Project: Everquest (Day 2)

10 10 project everquestEverquest is the second game for Syp’s 10/10 project. This will not be a long post, however. As you can probably guess from this, I did not play it long.

But let me tell you a bit more about what I did. The installation was easy enough thanks to Steam. I don’t know if ProSiebenSat1 has already taken over Everquest as well or not, but I logged on with my SOE-account and had no issues doing so. I also don’t follow that whole deal closely enough, so I’m not sure if we have to use P7S1 or not or if we can just stay with SOE. During the last few months, I’ve read several different information and it seemed to change faster than the weather. ;)

Either way, SOE it was. I rolled dice when it came to deciding for a race and class. 16 races and 16 classes – that’s a lot! The results gave me a gnome necromancer. Having played a little bit of Everquest 2, I guess I’ve set my “anchor” at EQ2 as basis for the graphics. The characters looked so similar to EQ2, that I was constantly reminded of EQ2 and the graphics just look much better in that game. So, compared to that, EQ just looked bland and boring.

Yeah, I didn't get much further than that...

Yeah, I didn’t get much further than that…

The main problem was that I felt I really needed to read all the tutorials. You need to type an answer to an NPC in order to advance in a quest. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the fact that you need to do it. I actually like the idea. But that does not make it easy to get settled into the game and start playing. The tutorials come as quests with lots of quest text. I worked through a few, but then realized that I would have to spend the gaming hours I had set aside for Everquest reading through the tutorials only. At that point, I decided to give up and left the game.

Poor Everquest. I’m sure it was great – and maybe even still is, this is not for me to judge – but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll leave the game to those that have or still do enjoy it and will instead rather listen to them when they share the great stories about their adventures. But if I ever feel the “Everquest itch” again, I will log into Everquest 2 instead.

Everquest is one of three “classic MMOs” on my list, by the way. I’m curious what the other two will be like, but they’re not the next ones on my list. ;)

What do you think?

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