The 10/10 Project: The Missing Ink (Day 1)

10 10 project_missing inkThe first of the 10 MMOs that I’ll be playing for the 10/10 project was “The Missing Ink”.

All in all, I had 30 games on my list and went through them to see what they’re all about. Some were removed immediately, others immediately went to my “to play”-list. My first impression after seeing this game’s website was to delete the game from my list. I don’t want to dismiss a game just because I think the graphics are “too weird”. So I decided to have a look at their Kickstarter page. I like getting the gist of what a game is about in a relatively short text or an introduction video and usually, Kickstarter pages are great for that. Unfortunately, that video made me want to delete the game from my list even more. Those paper-cThe Missing Ink_02ut avatars aren’t the game’s strongest suit if you ask me. But the word “sandbox” had still caught my attention and the word “ridiculous” (at 0:39) made me continue watching the video… and then I saw the build-mode. Now it wasn’t just on my list, it moved to no. 1 because I was really curious and wanted to see what that game was about. It’s currently in open beta for PC and Mac which means that you just sign up and you’re ready to play. Literally, as it’s browser-based (a bit like Glitch in more than just this aspect).

The background idea is charming and weird at the same time: All stories (fairy tales, etc.) are real, but they got corrupted somehow. So you will be working at the Ministry of Defending Stories in order to set the stories right again.

The Missing Ink_41When I first got into the game, I probably got lost somehow. Maybe I should have clicked on the left button instead of “enter your blurb”, but I found myself in the building mode and the book that popped up with all the tutorial information didn’t help at all. It told me to click on my hero icon but that one was grayed out, etc. I finally found my way to the MODs headquarters (kind of like a city hub, maybe?) where I got tutorial quests. I could also customize my avatar a little bit. The game then told me how to move, how to fight, how to use teleports, etc.

The Missing Ink_35The combat is – not very challenging at the moment. Some weapons come with skills that then automatically appear in your hotbar. I got a wand that gives me two spells, for example.You right-click a mob, auto-attack it and use spells or special attacks whenever they’re ready. At least, that’s what I did with the combat dummies in the tutorial quest. ;) I returned to my blurb as soon as possible. I don’t know what the blurb is about. When you first enter your own blurb, it’s just a huge empty space. I started construction mode (or “constructifying”, I should say) and added a ground (it was plain white at first which wasn’t too pretty) and a simple house. I couldn’t get the roof right, so it’s without one for now. Hey, at least there’s a bed, chairs and a table. That should be enough for now. I guess you can get really creative with that blurb, especially as you can The Missing Ink_34buy more stuff for it with the in game’s currency – and probably with real currency, too, I assume. There is a shop and it looks like it’ll primarily be about buying stuff to make your avatar stand out from the crowd, buying additional inventory slots or teleport tokens. I have no idea if you can’t teleport without those tokens. That would be awkward as the movement speed is relatively slow. The blurb can also be used for the Evil Genius Competition at the moment: Design your own raid zone. This is actually quite cool.

The Missing Ink_43Speaking of “raid”: I did not do much fighting, but from what I saw, it felt very much like a regular MMO. You decide if that’s a good thing or not. ;) For me, it was distracting to see those paper-cut characters with fitting animations when I’m used to playing games like Guild Wars 2.

I also saw a tab for “crafting”, but it’s not in the game yet. Other than that, everything seemed to be working and, most importantly, I did not encounter any bugs or issues.

The Missing Ink_25My conclusion: I could imagine that Glitch fans may like it – depending on how the combat turns out and if you like combat. But the fighting seems ok and easy enough, I guess. ^^ Other than that, the “raid zone” seems to suggest that the game is not just intended for light-hearted casual “I’ll play once every other week” gameplay, but I did not investigate that further. The building mode was the most interesting thing for me personally, but it did not manage to draw me in enough to keep playing. Still, it doesn’t get a bad review from me, because me not liking the style does not mean the game is bad. It just means “not for me”. :)

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