Mount Maelstrom in Maguuma Jungle

As nice and beautiful as the snowy regions look in Guild Wars 2, they do not come close to the jungle areas if you ask me. Mount Maelstrom is such an area and I’ve broken my own record. When I was done with taking screenshots, I had 482 screenshots in my folder. Sorting them and choosing just those few that you see here now was very difficult. But that’s not just because I think the region is gorgeous, it’s also because the areas in that region are rather distinct. There’s the usual trees, beach, water, ships. On top of that, you have Crucible of Eternity with the Inquest and a region that’s poisoned, thanks to said Inquest. The South of Mount Maelstrom then finally consists of a huge volcano.

The region is meant for players between levels 60 and 70. I’d definitely recommend going there if you’re looking for a nice region to level in. I met lots of other players – even in the areas away from Crucible of Eternity which is a dungeon for levels 78+.

You may notice that underwater screenshots are missing and they have been very rare so far in all of my screenshot postings… if there ever have been any. I tried to take some, but they did not meet my own expectations. I do not want to see my own character in those screenshots as they are not about “Flummi”, my asura, but they are about the landscape. Unfortunately, I cannot take screenshots without my character visible underwater. I tried the usual (“/sleep” or “/sit”), but that doesn’t work underwater. So unless ArenaNet adds “first person view”, underwater screenshots will not appear in my galleries.

4 thoughts on “Mount Maelstrom in Maguuma Jungle

  1. Wyzim (@wyzim) says:

    You’re right, it looks the screenshots span about four different zones! I’ve played in the zone but now I feel I haven’t properly seen 25% of the zone. I liked the ones with Gray clouds the most, looks like it’s just before dusk. :-)


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