Ask Nerdy Bookahs (March 3, 2013)

It’s time for another “Ask Nerdy Bookahs”. We have looked at the questions in the search terms that led people to our blog for which we know we do not have fitting entries and we’re trying to answer those questions now.

Where do you do bar brawl achievements in Guild Wars 2?

I hadn’t even seen that they were in the achievements tab. There is no bar brawl in the game, though. Not yet, at least. According to a recent interview with Colin Johanson, bar brawl will be a mini game that will be added at some point in the future. When exactly that will be, we don’t know. When it gets implemented, you will most likely find it in Divinity’s Reach.

When I was looking for information about bar brawl online, I also stumbled upon an old entry from ArenaNet from before the game was released. I know timetables and plans change, but seeing this blog entry now makes me feel very sad. I would absolutely love to have those activities in the game and this is one of the things that I miss in Guild Wars 2. The game feels “narrow” sometimes: It has lots of things to do when you want to fight with your character, like dungeons, fractals, sPvP, WvW, or dynamic events in the open world. But when it comes to fluff activities, there isn’t that much to do. We have keg brawl and costume brawling, but I would love to have more mini games like those mentioned in the blog post. There is also a forum post from a player that researched a little and he found places in the game hinting at possible locations for further activities. I guess, time will tell and show us which ones, if any, will be added apart from bar brawl.

Keg Brawl AchievementsAs I mentioned, keg brawl is in the game already. I knew that, but I had never actually looked at it until recently when it was one of the categories for the daily achievement. Keg brawl is actually lots of fun! It’s instanced and kind of like PvP, but your character can’t be killed. Think of it more like a sports game. I got a few achievements in there, but nothing else. No glory, despite seeing the glory-XP bar at the bottom. And there don’t seem to be any other rewards for doing keg brawl. Well, except for having fun, of course, and a title (Kegmaster)!

Is there a way to see all the areas you have already cleared?

Not really. When you look at the world map, you can hover over the name of the region which will bring up a tooltip showing you what you have done there already. So you will be able to go through them one by one to see which areas you don’t have completed yet. Also, don’t forget that the WvW maps count towards your map completion as well.

What does BWE stand for in Guild Wars 2?

BWE stands for “Beta Weekend Event”. We’ve had several of those where people who had pre-purchased the game as well as people who had gotten beta keys from fan sites were allowed to play the game before release. It was the first time that the “general masses”, or rather, those who were looking forward to the game’s release very eagerly, got in contact with the game and could finally play it. They were closed events as not everybody could just play, but there was no NDA, so lots of people shared their experiences.

Can a human level in Ascalon?

GW2_Ebonhawke_031Absolutely! All races are at peace or at least, they have a truce. Ascalon used to belong to charr, then to humans, and now it’s back in charr-hands. As charr and humans have a truce, humans can travel through the areas without fear of being killed by most other charr. There is the Flame Legion, however, who aren’t too friendly towards humans – or towards any of the playable races including charr belonging to the other legions.

Flame Legion is not a playable race, so you will not encounter any enemy players. Guild Wars 2 doesn’t feature PvP in the regular world anyway, so you will not meet any hostile players in Ascalon.

If you’re wondering how you can get to Ascalon as a non-charr, have a look at our guide.

How long should a norn stay in Wayfarer Foothills?

GW2_Wayfarer Foothills_Shiverpeak Mountains_133The region is meant for level 1 – 15 characters. So once you’re above 15, you can safely advance to the next region. If you don’t like Wayfarer Foothills or want to see another region faster than that, you can switch to the starter areas of the other races whenever you feel like it (see the link to our guide in the previous paragraph). There is no answer to the “should” part. If you want to stay there until level 80, you can absolutely do so. Once your character is higher than the intended level of the region, it will be downleveled to the appropriate level. The character will still earn experience points and will even get loot for his/her actual level. The only barrier you will encounter in the game is if you want to go to a region that’s higher than your actual level, as you will not get upleveled.

Should I sell collectible items or save them?

That depends on what you want to do with them. When you have crafting items like leather, ore, cloth, in your bag, you can click on the little wheel at the upper right corner and click “Deposit all Collectibles”. They will automatically get added to a special tab in your bank.

Those items are used for crafting, but if you don’t intend to craft you will not need those items and can safely sell them. If you do want to craft, look at what items your crafting profession requires. If you’re a tailor, you will probably not need most of the food items or wood. But, just to be safe, you can look at the item’s tooltip which will tell you which crafting professions they are used for. Also, if your crafting level is high enough already, you may consider selling the lower level collectibles for profit unless you want to actually craft low-level items. In most cases, unfortunately, buying low-level items directly from the Trading Post (or requesting them on the Trading Post) is much cheaper than crafting them yourself.


  1. I always thought bar fight would be in Hoelbrak since it just feels like a nornish thing… On the other hand they already have a Keg Brawl so putting another mini-game there right now would probably be too much.

    I didn’t know about the tooltip to see how much of a map we had cleared! I will need to remember that one. :)

    As for how long a norn should stay in Wayfarer Hills… I have a friend whose norn is level 54 (last I checked) and barely got out of there… He pretty much only uses her to do the Maw events (since it is a relatively easy way to complete the daily). No matter how much I weep for her, he just ignores it and refuses to do a bit more of exploration with the character. I am betting she will reach level 80 just doing the Maw. -_-


    1. Then again, if it’s fun, it’s all good. ;) Bookahnerk leveled his engineer almost exclusively in Plains of Ashford, also doing the daily. ;)

      I, on the other hand, love changing scenery more often than my characters would buy new weapons while leveling. But I like that it’s possible. Sometimes, there are regions that you just really, really like and they’re never really outdated. :)

      I really hope they’ll add bar brawl and other activities soon. Keg brawl is already lots of fun, so I expect the other activities to be just as much fun. If only they’d give more rewards than a title… like skins, mini pets,… *dreams*


      1. Good point. I guess I should see it more as a strength of the game, that everyone can level the way they prefer, than anything else.

        Yeah, I love changing scenery too. And good point about them not really being outdated regardless of level. That was something that made me sad in other games because there were certain regions that seemed interesting to explore but felt kinda pointless since I outleveled it. On Guild Wars 2 that is never an issue.

        I hope so too. More activities are always welcome. Fluffy rewards would be nice too but I am fine with it just being titles if that is the way they prefer to go. Less psychological pressure to participate on them. @_@ *really likes fluffy stuff*


        1. The only bad thing is that if the activities aren’t on the dailies list, there’s not too much activity there. ;) But well, maybe that was also because a lot of people don’t/didn’t know about it. And it is across all servers just like sPvP, so one match should open at least at any time.


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