Winners of our Christmas giveaway

Postcard Christmas BlogIt’s a bit sad that this was our last giveaway. Should we ever receive more zaishen keys, oppressor or tormented weapons, minis, etc., we’ll definitely do this again. It was fun and we’re glad we could give people more points in their Hall of Monuments.

Anyway, you’re not here to read that we had fun. You’re here to see if you were lucky. One person was indeed very very lucky: Marandor has once again won our GW1 item bundle. I checked twice but the numbers matched. Congratulations to you! Rebecca has won our GW2 item bundle. Last but not least, Keiran has won the GW2 in-game t-shirt code. Congratulations to both of you. :)

But it’s Christmas… and we really wish we had more to give away. Unfortunately, as far as items in GW1 and GW2 are concerned, we don’t have more (before you ask: I’m poor in GW2 and am currently saving to buy some fancy dyes myself ^^). But hey, we actually do have more t-shirt codes. So we decided that everybody who participated in the Christmas giveaway and who wanted a code should have one. So, congratulations to regendo, Katie M, overlow, shadowwolf76, Galerius, Shuk, Wedge7, Akiyama, coolasc/Decomposing Brains and Rebecca.

Then we thought again: What if there are people who participated in most of our giveaways but the Christmas one? We’ve had 5 giveaways where you could win a t-shirt code… so what about those who participated in 3 or 4, but just missed the last one? We had a look at our list again and that concerns Reteq, Houjun, tatu meskanen, Mads Larsen and Nuarda. All of you participated in 3 – 4 giveaways. So, why not? Congratulations to you as well!

We’re really happy about the amount of people who participated and especially about those who came back (almost) every week. And this is our way to say “thank you” for being our readers. :)

We will be sending out emails tomorrow. Please remember that you need to reply before January 5, 2013, in order to claim your won items. If you don’t reply, we will draw another winner instead.

Once again, we hope you’re having a great time and a happy new year! :)


  1. Yay, still got a shirt, you’re awesome! *.* Congrats to the winners & super-duper of you to do this! :D It’s indeed sad that it is the last one but it’s been a lot of fun! ^_^ Sorry to hear you’re broke now though, hehe. :) Now back to working on those HoM points. /o\ :>


  2. I finally have that shirt, thanks!!!! :D
    Even if everyone here had one, I was the big winner :D :D :D Congrats everyone!


  3. Woo! I never expected to actually win a T-Shirt code, much less after not winning it in the actual competition. Thanks a lot! :)
    Also, congratulations to everyone else and merry Wintersday holidays.


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