Advent Calendar – First Week (25.11. – 02.12.)

This giveaway is over. I have disabled comments and we will announce the winners as fast as we can! But first, we’re going to check the list. Twice! ;)

We start this year’s giveaways with three different things you can win: A bundle with Guild Wars items, a bundle with Guild Wars 2 items and one Guild Wars 2 in-game t-shirt code.

Please read the full post before commenting. :)

Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle

  • 1 oppressor weapon of your choice
  • 8 miniatures (7 white, 1 purple)
  • 2 unopened birthday presents
  • 1 Cloth of the Brotherhood
  • 1 Stolen Sunspear Armor
  • 1 Monumental Tapestry
  • 50 platinum
  • 1 Everlasting Tonic

Guild Wars Jora miniatureLet’s see how many points you’ll probably get for this package. For our calculations, we assume that you don’t have any points yet apart from the starting 3. This is what it will look like. As you can see, you will get 2 points in “Valor”. 1 for “any weapon statue” and 1 for “any oppressor weapon” which is what you will get. Any 1 miniature will give you 1 point. This giveaway’s package also includes two unopened birthday presents. We do not know which miniature is inside. If it’s a gold (rare) or a green (unique) one, you would get another point in the Hall of Monuments for it. This is, of course, less likely than the presents containing white or purple minis. Then there is the Stolen Sunspear Armor and Cloth of the Brotherhood. One of any will give you another point in the Hall of Monuments. And with those two, you’re already 2/5 on your way to the next point. ;)

Guild Wars 2 Mini Brown BearThe platinum can help you buy more items like miniatures (only accept miniatures that are not yet dedicated in the Hall of Monuments as you won’t be able to place those!), more hero armor items, etc. The Everlasting tonic will not give you any points. It’s just for fun. :)

A note about the oppressor weapon: If you win, you can choose if you want the items needed to trade in for the oppressor weapon (I’d recommend that option only to those players who know how to get the weapon) or you tell us which oppressor weapon you want and we’ll trade in the items for the weapon of your choice.

Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle

  • 20 unidentified dyes
  • 20 trick-or-treat bags
  • 1 Mini Colocal
  • 1 Mini Brown Bear

Guild Wars 2 In-Game T-Shirt Code

  • 1 Guild Wars 2 in-game t-shirt code – locked to European accounts. Sorry about that! :(

Rules and regulations

Please read the following rules carefully to see what you need to do in order to enter our giveaway and have a chance at winning!

1. Leave a comment and tell us which giveaways you’ll participate in. Of course, you can enter all three giveaways! Please note that the Guild Wars giveaway is only open to players below 30 HoM points. The t-shirt code only works for players with a European account. If you participate in the Guild Wars giveaway, please also leave your character name in the comment field (see rule no. 7).

2. Leave a valid email address in the “email field” when commenting. We can see that address but nobody else will be able to see it. It will only be used by us for contacting the winner and nothing else!

3. The winners will be contacted by email each week. Please reply before January 5, 2013. If you fail to do that, we will draw another winner.

4. One entry per post per person (IP addresses are always logged by when somebody comments)! We reserve the right to exclude entries when we think you’re trying to cheat by entering multiple times. Stay fair, please. :)

5. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly, so everybody has the same chance at winning. :)

6. This giveaway is open from now until Sunday, December 2, 2012, 6pm Berlin Time. If you’re not sure about the time this website can help you.

7. Specific rules for the Guild Wars giveaway: Only players who do NOT have their 30 points in the Hall of Monuments are eligible to enter the giveaway. We do not do this to make other players rich in the game. We want to help those who are below 30 points to get their Hall of Monument rewards in Guild Wars 2. For this reason, please leave your character name in the comment field and make sure you have recently logged on, so we can see your HoM points. :)

Good luck! :)


  1. Being at only 24/50 points in my HoM, I would like to enter for both the GW1 “Oppressor” Bundle as well as the GW2 “Brown Bear” Bundle.

    GW1 IGN: Shockingly Cold
    GW2 IGN: Cyprill Stark


  2. Hello.

    I’d like to enter for the Brown Bear Bundle.

    Thanks for running this.


  3. Guild Wars 2 “brown bear” bundle and Guild Wars 2 in game T Shirt code


  4. I would like to sign up for the Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle. Need more HoM points so I can unlock those mini’s for gw2 :D

    Character Name: Elaiwyn Wistful


  5. I would like to enter the two Guild Wars 2 giveaways, for the bundle and for the t-shirt :).


  6. I would like to enter in all three giveaways.
    My Guild Wars 1 character is “Dampir Egret”


  7. I would like to enter for both the GW1 “Oppressor” Bundle as well as the GW2 “Brown Bear” Bundle and the T-Shirt.
    GW1: Crypto Fighter
    GW2: Ragor Windmane


  8. I’d like to participate in the “Oppressor” Bundle, and the “Brown Bear” bundle.

    GW1: Lord Indrajit
    GW2: Shade of the Tree


  9. Thank you very much for doing this!

    I would like to take part at the Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle and the Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle.

    I only have 3 points in the HOM (shame on me :D).

    My nicks:
    GW1: Ascherel Le Fay
    GW2: Akaii Akuma


  10. I’d like to sign up for the GW1 Oppressor bundle and the GW2 Brown Bear bundle.

    GW1 name: Phoenix Whirl
    GW2 name: Phoenix Smith


  11. Monk of Gracie IGN for GW
    Jaxbubba IGN for GW2
    Would like to enter both
    Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle

    Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle


  12. Wow.. nice.. i would love to win the Gw2 prize and have a nice Bear pet.. :D

    GW2 ign: Conter


  13. Oh wow, these are all really great! I already have my 30 HoM points, but that brown bear bundle is nice! I would love to enter for both the Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle and the Guild Wars 2 In-Game T-Shirt Code because, hey! t-shirts are cool!


  14. Hello,

    GW1: Hades Angelus

    Prefer, Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle

    Brown bear or T shirt will do also, but I really wanna get the fiery dragon sword!


  15. I’d like to participate in:
    Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle
    Guild Wars 2 In-Game T-Shirt Code


  16. Please enter me for the first two bundles, but not the t-shirt. GW1 character name is Lyta Morningstar.


  17. I’d like to enter for the ‘Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle’ and the ‘Guild Wars 2 In-Game T-Shirt Code’ please.


  18. Hi, great contest. I would like to enter all three giveaways. I have only 3 points in HOM and I’m on Eu server in GW2.

    GW1 – Needles Sharp
    GW2 – Testera @Seafarer’s Rest


  19. Thanks for the opportunity to gain HoM points! I only have 7/50 *sad face*
    I’d like to participate in the two bundles please,
    Guild Wars Oppressor bundle for Mystiq Soulster
    Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear” bundle for Elinnaur

    Thank you very much!


  20. Hi , i’d love either the brow bear guild wars 2 bundle or the guild wars 2 in-game t-shirt. GW2 In-game name : Gryndy


  21. Hi there, I would like to participate for both of the Guild Wars 2 drawings — the brown bear bundle and the t-shirt giveaway. My character info:

    Gizmo Puff
    Level 80 Asura Engineer
    Server: Gates of Madness

    Thank you!


  22. I would be glad to have a part in Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle and Guild Wars 2 In-Game T-Shirt Code. Thanks for the opportunity. GW2 IGN: Aleyn Wolfdale


  23. I would like to participate in the oppressor bundle, would love to get a few more monuments points :)
    GW1: Yes No Maybe I


  24. Greetings and respect from Sweden!
    This is awesome stuff, since I love Guild Wars please sign me up for the three givaway competitions.

    Guild Wars 1 IGN: Necromancia Arcana
    Guild Wars 2 IGN: Necromancia Arcana
    Guild Wars 2 server: Gandara


  25. Oppressor Bundle & Brown Bear Bundle please. :)

    GWSN: Jondreth Ashwalker


  26. I would like to enter for the GW1 Oppressor Bundle and the GW2 Brown Bear Bundle.

    GW1 : I Nandayo I
    GW2 : Shield Lock


  27. Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!

    I am at 9 HOM and would really like the sword and shield skin but am currently stuck on WiK. Please enter me for the GW1 “Oppressor” Bundle!

    IGN: Marek Mieszko


  28. Amaazing givaway, I’m intrested in both gw2 givaways since in gw1 i’m already over 30 HoM

    IGN: Decomposing Brains


  29. I would like to sign-up for the Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle. Thank you!
    Character: Ariel Starunner


  30. I would like to participate in the “Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle” giveaway. Many thanks!

    IGN: Innocent Civilians


  31. I’ll try my luck with the
    Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle.
    IGN: Malwina Serafina

    Amazing giveaway, keep up the good’ ol christmas spirit! =D


  32. I would like to participate for the Guild Wars 2 Brown Bear-bundle.
    Thank you for setting up this great initiative and good luck to everybody competing! ^.^

    IGN: Daklha


  33. I would like to enter in all three please :D Oppressors, brown bear and t-shirt :P
    Artea Darkshadow is the name :]


  34. This would be a nice boost to my HoM. I suppose I’ll enter the 2nd giveaway as well.

    Guild Wars “Oppressor”-Bundle
    IGN: Simone The Survivor (7/50 HoM)

    Guild Wars 2 “Brown Bear”-Bundle
    IGN: Séráh (Server: Stormbluff Isle – NA)

    Thanks for putting this on.


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