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GW2 Hall of Monuments TitlesI have written about armor skins, pets and miniatures. Those three categories are the most prominent for me, but that’s not all you can get from the Hall of Monuments. There are also weapon skins and titles. My favourite title is “Traveler” which you already get for 5 points in the Hall of Monuments. Not bad at all, considering you get 3 for just having the three campaigns of the game (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall) together with the expansion (Eye of the North). As you can see in the screenshot on the left, your points are represented in a special achievements tab in Guild Wars 2. I don’t have the full 50 points, though. Currently, I’m standing at 31 which gives me all item rewards but not all of the titles. I can certainly live with that. Originally, my goal had been to reach the points for the Orange Tabby. Once I was there, I started dreaming of the next item not too far away, etc. Slowly, but surely, I crawled towards those 31 points. ;) I don’t think I’ll ever have the full 50 because that’s just not how I play Guild Wars. But all the reward items are earned with just 30 points. After that, it’s only more titles and, as I’ve said, I’m quite content with “Traveler”.

GW2 Hall of Monument WeaponsI am also in love with the fiery dragon sword. It even has the same icon than it does in Guild Wars 1 (or a very similar one, at least). Of course, just as with the other items, it’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t give any stat advantage at all! It also works perfectly during the night when it’s dark outside and there’s no torch nearby.

One of our friends does not have many points in the HoM yet. Well, “not many” means the 3 you start with. He’d started the game late and didn’t really get into it. But we have already offered to help him earn a few points and it’s not like we would only do him a favour with that. I still want to finish the Prophecies campaign and I also haven’t done any of the campaigns with all the bonuses. I know it won’t give me any more item rewards, but it’ll be cool going back to play with friends and playing through the campaigns again!

But what about you? Maybe you don’t have your 30 HoM points yet. If you’re now asking yourself “Is it worth it to play the game now?”, I would say “Yes, it is.” It’s still a great game, albeit with fewer players than before Guild Wars 2 launched. You can still find other players to play with you, but it’s not as easy as it was before Guild Wars 2 got released. There it’s a rather inactive Subreddit for the game where players are looking for other players and I’m certain there are other places/communities for that.

Guild Wars may not be a “proper MMO” as its world is instanced, but it’s fun and you get to know the lore of the game that is still present in Guild Wars 2 (which takes place 250 years later). In fact, playing through Eye of the North will let you see the beginning of Guild Wars 2 in a way. And if you’re mainly interested in those HoM points: Yes, you can earn your HoM points now in Guild Wars and will get the items/titles in Guild Wars 2.

If you want to try to earn a few of those Hall of Monuments points, there are lots of guides out there that can help you with that. My favourite one back in the day was that from Hunter’s Insight “The Easy 30”.

In case you have not dealt with the Hall of Monuments before and don’t even know how to start, TenTonHammer’s guide may help you out as they start by explaining all you need to know about tapestries, etc. If you’re looking for a FAQ, try the one at Guild Wars Guru or the one from Dragon Season. There is also a guide on the official wiki. So, as you can see, there are plenty resources online that will help you get started or get back into the game and continue collecting points.


  1. I completely agree that playing Guild Wars 1 is still worth it, no matter the reasons. Personally, I’ve decided to start on it for the Hall of Monuments stuff and for the lore. Playing it is kinda like having a time machine to see the events of a period of time that shaped a lot of what Tyria is “today” in Guild Wars 2. I specially liked to see Aldebern and Prince Rurik in their prime as well as to see where some of the named ghosts in the Ascalonian Catacombs came from. :)

    Sadly, I have barely scratched it yet as I’ve been distracted by a game or another. But eventually I will finish all the campaigns! And get those 30 points in the Hall of Monuments!

    Oh, and thanks for the guide links. It should make it a lot easier to get those points. :)


      1. … …. I think I am still at 3. >_<

        Yeah, I've been slacking at it. Oh, well. I will get it eventually! But right now gotta play a bit more of Skyrim. @_@


        1. You know, that makes me happy to hear. And no, I’m not being mean. ;) There may be a chance for you coming very soon… *points to the countdown*


          1. *nods* I am looking forward to see what it will be. And from all the posts this month here, I am already guessing it is something to deal with Guild Wars 1. Now just a few more days to see what exactly it will be…


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