Hall of Monuments: Miniatures!

GW2 Minis Golem

Guild Wars 2 has lots of miniatures. Those are “pets” or “mini figures” that accompany your character but that won’t fight with you and they can’t be attacked either. You may remember that bookahnerk created a long video (seen below) with 84 different miniatures and their idle animations. Unfortunately, not all of them are in the game yet. I have yet to see any of the asura ones, for example. But we’ll see, I guess. :)

Another thing that bothers me a bit is that you cannot get them in the game per se. The only way to acquire those minis is by spending gems. Then again, they can be traded which means that you can buy them off the Trading Post. They cost somebody gems but not necessarily you. ;)

Just like the armor and the pets, there are some minis that come from the Hall of Monuments. The first you can get is the Orange Tabby Cat with 9 points in the Hall of Monuments. The second one is the Orrian Baby Chicken at 15 points. Rockfur Raccoon is the third and available at 21 points. The last one is the Red Servitor Golem for which you’ll need 27 points. Those minis were the reason for me to get my Hall of Monuments points. At first, I’d only dreamed of getting the cat (why do all the games have cat minis but not a lot of them have dogs, by the way?). I squealed when my points went by the raccoon and my asura are now very proud to call a golem their own! :)