Hall of Monuments: Pets!

GW2 Hall of Monuments White Raven

After I’d already gone to visit the Hall of Monuments for my armor pieces, I figured I could also go and charm the HoM pets with my ranger. Charming pets in Guild Wars 2 is really easy. You just hit “F” when you’re near a “juvenile animal” that you haven’t charmed before and it gets added to your collection.

The pets that you get through your Hall of Monument can be found walking around there. The Jellyfish is found in the water.

If you don’t have the required Hall of Monument points, don’t worry, though. All you are missing out on are the looks of the pets. As the wiki page says, there is always a regular pet to be charmed in Guild Wars 2 which has the same skills than one of the HoM pets. So there is no need to grind those HoM points… unless you want the look, of course. But even then, there are similar skins available.

The black moa is exclusive to the Hall of Monuments reward. But what about a pink, blue, white or a red one instead? Those you can get in Guild Wars 2 without having HoM points! The black widow spider is exclusive, but there’s also a cave spider, a forest spider and a jungle spider. Seriously… 4 spiders, was that really necessary? Bah! I very much prefer moas, thank you very much. Although the rainbow jellyfish isn’t any better, if you ask me. The only good thing about that one are the colours! The ones you can get without Hall of Monument points are blue or red. If you love the white raven, on the other hand, your alternatives are less. Well, to be exact, there is exactly one. And of course, the white raven requires 25 points in the Hall of Monuments. Then again, why worry about having such a tiny little bird if you can have a huge big moa instead? ;)

By the way, one thing I didn’t know until after I jumped into the water with my ranger for the first time, is that some pets are amphibious, meaning that you can have them with you above and below the water. The Juvenile Brown Bear and the Juvenile Jungle Stalker are both amphibious, for example.


  1. I barely played my ranger outside of the betas, but I played him a bit earlier today, got my HoM pets (unrelated to this post which I only found now) and I have to say: I LOVE the white raven!

    Not only is it a completely awesome flying pet, it also gives me 10 seconds of swiftness every 20 seconds when I’m in battle. Now THAT is a nice side-effect :)


    1. I’ve played my ranger a bit more tonight – I’m an impressive level 7. ;)

      I really love the moa, but I have to say that I hardly pay attention to what it’s doing and I’m not using its bonus skills at all. I felt a bit helpless when earlier tonight, the moa ran right into a cave towards other mobs and I didn’t even know how to call it back. Embarrassing! :( But level 7, obviously, means I don’t have much experience with pet control so far. I only know that the moa’s animations look awesome! ^^

      I’ve played only a bit with the white raven. It’s my secondary pet right now but as the moa didn’t die, I just forgot about the raven.


  2. I play GW2, normally use my norn ranger. (lvl 22 now, i think) I was wondering if u can get things in the hall of monuments without having played gw1.

    lvl 22 norn ranger
    pets: land: Snow leopard and polar bear
    water: blue jellyfish and ice drake


    1. Not really. You need to buy Guild Wars 1 and the expansion, Eye of the North. This account then needs to be connected to your Guild Wars 2 account. With this, you get the first three points in the Hall of Monuments which is some of the heritage armor.

      The first pet is at 15 points, so you need to not only own Guild Wars 1, but also play and unlock a few things to get there.

      Here’s what it looks like without playing (but owning) the game: http://hom.guildwars2.com/en/#page=main&details=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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