What’s left to do in Guild Wars?

Guild Wars Kamadan
Guild Wars Kamadan
That’s from a few months ago…

Before Guild Wars 2 came out, I still had lots on my “I would love to do/see that” list. A lot of those things got done like the 30 points in my Hall of Monuments (Hurrah!) or playing through the Eye of the North campaign and seeing the Pale Tree.

A few things, however, are still left.

I admit, I have never played through Prophecies! It was the last campaign I bought. The first was Nightfall, which I’d recommend for newcomers because its tutorial is the easiest to understand. After that, I wasn’t sure if I should get Prophecies to see the ‘original game’ or whether to get Factions instead because the setting looked amazing. Eventually, I chose Factions for the “eye-candy” (if only I’d known how ugly big parts of Kaineng City were). When Eye of the North got released, I bought it in a bundle with Prophecies. So far, I have played a character through the Searing and then had my warrior come over from Nightfall but she got stuck in what felt like an endless mission and I told myself I’d continue once I had the time and patience for it. I’m terribly impatient, though. ;)

I had also wanted to play through Guild Wars Beyond, the new story bits that were released for helping us transition to Guild Wars 2 story-wise. But eh, Guild Wars 2 itself got in the way of doing that.

I briefly returned to Guild Wars yesterday and was sad to see how empty Kamadan was. I guess it’s a mix of people being bored with the game after having seen everything, people leaving because others are leaving and/or people exploring Guild Wars 2. But surely, I can’t be the only one who’d still enjoy playing the game and who still has goals or things to finish, right?


  1. Omg Kaineng was terrible!! I always got lost and missions took forever because I was running around in circles all the time lol, but I the I got to jade sea and WoW was it pretty.
    I haven’t completed all of GW beyond and would have loved to because I’m a huge lore fan but since the release of GW2 I don’t think it’s going to get done any time soon, especially if a- net keep bringing out new stuff for us to do :)


    1. Oh yes, they’re really terrible with adding new stuff all the time! ;)

      Although I’m still busy levelling my second main character, so it’ll take me some time anyway before I even get close to getting bored. ^^


  2. I started with Factions on Christmas about 5 years ago. There are many beautiful things I never saw in-game until the Wayfarer’s quests (for which I love ArenaNet, and not only because of the free tormented weapon).

    However, in Kaineng, even the Wayfarer’s quest only managed to show me even more ugly places than what I’ve seen before (there’s a large number of buildings burning somewhere in Kaineng; I can honestly say that that’s one part of the city I don’t regret not having known about).


    1. I don’t think I’ve seen Kaineng burning so far. Then again, all I remember are textures of brownish-colour that remind me of cardboard. ;)

      I don’t even want to think about all the things I haven’t seen, though. I am far from getting “Cartographer”, obviously. ^^


  3. You should totally go back and finish Prophecies, it has the best story and also the best end- mission design of any of the campaigns. The three coherent missions build up a lot of climatic tension for me! Also: Story twists! =D


    1. Yeah, I feel like I’ve definitely missed something very important by not finishing that one.

      I really loved Nightfall, though. Couldn’t get through one mission (I’ve played everything on my own without other players) and spent three evenings until I finally did it. I was so proud when I was finished with that campaign. I missed that feeling in Factions where I was just happy that I finished. So… well, I hope Prophecies is more like Nightfall in that respect. ;)


      1. Oh trust me, It’s hard enough, if you play on your own, except when you have very well skilled and equipped heros.
        I played all the missions with my guild, some of them having some well skilled heros, and we still got in trouble with those nasty enemies that fall apart into tinier enemies, when you defeat them… (No spoilers, in case you wanna go back! =D)
        While I feel the last missions of Prophecies make for the best overall ending, I am still of the opinion that Shiro was the best boss to fight, just because of the ridiculous skills he had and his ability to rip you into shreds, if you didn’t know what you were doing.

        btw, wanna check out my latest post?- I put down some thoughts on Guild Wars 2’s amazing soundtrack.


  4. It is pretty empty in gw1 now but I still pop in from time to time. if you want to do time prophecies stuff i to didn’t Di much there. look me up un gw1 or 2 Angry was Jack. see you in game


  5. I will never completely stop playing GW. I have always taken breaks from the game but even today I have a todo list that I need to get back to in the game. I mostly played the game as single player game but I think I’m going to miss alliance chat and kamadan chat. Add me if you think we might bump into each other sometime: Athelas Arda


    1. I’ve mostly ignored the chat and have always used it to get away from annoying people in WoW. For that alone, I will always love Guild Wars. A game that felt like an MMO – well, kind of or close enough, at least – but that let me go and explore a world without being annoyed by weird people. ;)

      I’ll definitely add you! That is one of the disadvantages of the game. You can’t just randomly bump into each other in the world like you can in MMOs (okay, not really, seeing how most divide their player base by servers).


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