GW2 Hall of Monuments

Hall of Monuments: Armor

As you probably know, playing Guild Wars 1 gives you certain rewards in Guild Wars 2. A few days ago, I remembered that I had them and hopped over to the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars 2 to claim them.

One of the things that made me fall in love with Guild Wars 1 was being able to look at an armor gallery and just choose a look I’d like. Well, first, I removed all the pictures of the expensive ones (we’re talking in-game currency, of course) and then I chose from one of the basic armors as I’ve never been rich in Guild Wars 1. ;) But the point is that the stats didn’t matter! Nothing mattered but the look itself. For a person that came from World of Warcraft, this was amazing! Finally a game that understood what I wanted. Unfortunately, in that regard, Guild Wars 2 disappoints me. My characters look almost the same from level 1 – 80 and once they are at level 80, I cannot just transfer the look over to an item with the appropriate stats.

Before the game was released, I remember ArenaNet telling us about transmutation stones and how we could use them to transfer the looks of one item over to another item that has the stats we want. I also remember that after initially using it as an example for a gem shop item, they did say that there would be alternative ways of getting those transmutation stones. So far, I’ve received the basic ones (for levels 1 – 79) from opened chests with keys that I got from my personal story. I have never seen a fine transmutation stone (needed to transmute level 80 items). Neither of those are available for karma anymore as they were during beta. On the other hand, I have no idea about “the perfect stats” for my character anyway and so far, I’m happy with the green items I bought. Still, I wished for something a little bit more elegant on Flummi.

Sadly, asura don’t get any fancy dresses. Female asura wear the same armor as male asura. But I remembered the armor I can get in the Hall of Monuments and went to have a look. What I do love is that the armor pieces you get from the Hall of Monuments do not need a transmutation stone at all. You just click on the armor and then add the item whose stats you want and you’re done.

After that I had a look at the heavy and the medium armor sets. They’re all great and, most importantly, do not cost me anything, neither gold nor gems. So my three asura are now running around in their HoM outfits feeling all fancy and pretty.

Of course, you need to earn those Hall of Monuments points, but that’s not too difficult, now is it? ;)

If you have a look at the titles tab of the calculator, you can see that you get 3 points for linking your accounts. This means that when you own all three campaigns (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall) as well as the add-on “Eye of the North” (which is required for access to the Hall of Monuments) and link them, you’ll get 3 points. This will give you the boots, pants and chest part that you can see in the pictures below!

It’s also important to note that earning points now, well after Guild Wars 2’s release, will still unlock all those rewards in the game! So, if you’re looking at the pictures now and wonder: “Isn’t it too late…?” – then the answer is: “No, it’s not!”

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