Pink Day in LA in 6 days!

Pink Day in LA will take place on October 20. In honour of the event, we have “pinkified” our logo – that’s the least we can do, after all. ;)

This event was first started in 2007 and with the release of Guild Wars 2, we will see it in Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 this year. Check the official “Pink Day in LA” website to see whether your server has volunteers that will host the event.

The purpose of “Pink Day in LA” is to raise awareness for breast cancer and collect donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. Apart from raising awareness and donations, there will also be prizes that you can win.

All in all, I really love to see the game community come together like that and organize such a big event. Now even throughout two games. I will definitely be there on our server, Aurora Glade, where Dragon Season are hosting the event (who happen to be both a GW2 fansite and the guild I am in ^^).

So, when does it take place? The website says “October 20, 12pm – 6pm CST” but really, time zones are confusing. If you’re having the same problems with time zones, head over here to check for your country/area.

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