Ebonhawke – Screenshot Gallery

Even though Ebonhawke is not a capital city, it is connected to Divinity’s Reach via portal (in Rurikton, in case you’re wondering). It looks like a city and almost feels like one, but it’s much smaller and filled with a few events and skill challenges even.

It had been under siege from the charr for years. Read the wiki entry if you want to know more.

I thought I should continue with the tradition that I started during the beta weekend events, where I had taken screenshots of all the cities. Ebonhawke may not be a “real city” like the others, but I still think it’s beautiful and deserves its own spot among the other cities here in our blog.


  1. Ebonhawke may not be a main city but I agree, it has a beauty of its own. It kind of reminds me of an “old world” town if it that makes sense. Also all the separatists there make it feel a little dangerous…. Specially if you are a charr!


    1. Ooh, right! I never thought about how charr should feel in there. Thankfully, we always carry our weapons with us even when we’re in a peaceful town. ;) My little asura loved destroying the anti-charr propaganda on the walls!

      It’s also a lovely place to level before level 30 as there’s not much killing to do if you don’t want to. On the other hand, my level 27 warrior didn’t have many problems killing the mobs there anyway. I fear she may be a bit overpowered. ;)


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