Guilds – not as unlimited as we thought

Edit: People questioned Elixabeth’s ability to quote what was said in the PAX panel, so bookahnerk looked and finally found a video of it:

I have finally received a reply to my support ticket and it’s not a good one. I’m going to include the relevant parts. So if you do get “Network error . Please check your internet connection and try again. (Code=3040:1002:3:1930:101)” when trying to accept a guild invitation, you need to make a decision: Do you really want to be part of this guild? Then leave another one! If you don’t, then decline, because according to that support reply, we’re only allowed to be in a very limited number of guilds as opposed to the “as many as you like” as they had announced.

I am mostly disappointed that the only number I have ever heard was “as many as you like” and I thought that it’s a great idea because no longer do we have to restrict ourselves with which community we want to be a part of. In my last entry I’ve already written about it and about the communities that I want to join. This, however, does not seem to come true. I need to make decisions anyway. It doesn’t seem to be the revolutionary feature that I thought it would be. One where you can be part of so many different circles and communities just like in real life. 4 – or 5 – just doesn’t seem high enough for that to work. At least, not if you’re a chatty person like me who likes being in different communities.

Here’s the response (and once I do get back to work, I’m going to post a suggestion – if anybody else does so in the meantime, please let me know):

The error 3040 message means that you are already a member of too many guilds. There is currently a limit of 4 guilds per account. My understanding is that the intended limit is 5, so you may be able to add an extra guild in the future, but at this point I don’t have an ETA for that fix. Also, the limit includes guild invitations as those are potential guild memberships. At this time, there is not any way for you to increase the limit on the number of guilds that your account can belong to. The best suggestion that I can offer right now is that you leave a guild or decline some guild invitations that you’ve already received.

If you’d like to see a higher limit, please consider posting your feedback in the suggestions area of the official forums, which you can find here: