1. Interesting news regarding the limit on the number of guilds you can join… I’m actually right at that limit now due to having a “private” guild (Just myself and Meowska aka Mrs ArcherAvatar) for the purpose of getting some more easy/cheap bank space with the guild vault. (Which ties in with your other point regarding inventory space…heh)

    Mine is a temporary situation since one of the guilds I’m in at the moment is just a friend’s “private” guild (again for the purpose of the guild vault) so I can help them get the Influence needed to unlock 50 slots of storage space, and after that I will leave the guild to them.

    Btw… Did you know that an individual participating in an event in PvE earns 2 pts of Influence for the guild they are repping at the time, but if two or more folks form a party and rep the same guild while they each participate in an event enough to earn at least a bronze medal then the guild gets 20 Influence.

    2 pts for an individual
    20 pts for a guild group
    per event

    Hence, the reason I’m in my friend’s “private” guild temporarily… we can make much easier progress towards the 2,500 Influence needed for the first 50 slot tab if we just group up and hunt events together for a short time each day.

    This information brought to by the industriolicious minds at asura lab Z Z Krewe (inc)
    (Yes… since ALL of my characters ended up being asura, my private guild is, of course, a krewe…)


    1. As I wrote in my new blog post, the limit is intended – although it should be 5 and not 4.

      But even with the limit of 5, I need to exclude the GuildMag guild or the Twitter guild in the future. I can’t have both. And I thought that the purpose of this guild system was to avoid exactly this situation! Before, I could at least have different characters in different guilds and partially be a part of each community. With the system now, it can be even more limiting because there’s no way to be a part of more than 4 guilds right now. Very disappointing.

      I did know that about the influence. But only because bookahnerk told me. ;) It’s nice, I think, because it encourages people to play together.

      I saw your message in the game, by the way. I just didn’t have time to reply as I had to leave for work. ;)


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