Nerdy Bookahs on Facebook

In case you’re interested and using Facebook, we have a page there as well now. All blog posts will automatically be linked on there. So “follow” us or like us if you prefer that over RSS feeds, Twitter, Googleplus or checking the blog manually every day. ;)

As usual, we prefer comments on the blog itself, but if you really don’t want to, you can leave comments on Facebook, Googleplus, Twitter,… The usual rules for commenting apply on every page, of course. ;) We also do not regularly check Facebook, so replies to your comments may take a bit longer than usual. Replies on Googleplus also take a bit longer, by the way, because the page refuses to inform us about comments even though we said we want them. If anybody knows what we’re doing wrong, we appreciate any help or tips (but please leave them here and not on G+! ^^).