The Glorious Rata Sum in Pictures

Guild Wars 2 really is coming. This is the last piece of my screenshot collection showing off the different races’ cities – and Lion’s Arch.

Rata Sum was exactly like I had imagined it just with more vibrant colors and a whole lot more awesome than I would have thought.

Enjoy the pictures! In case you have been counting, there are more than I had for the previous cities. I am not saying it’s the best city of them all – because they really all do have their own style and it’s hard to compare that – but asura are grandiose. They simply need more.


  1. I admit I was surprised when I saw the number of the screenshots in Twitter. But I agree, the asura do deserve more. There is just so many interesting little details in Rata Sum. :)

    My favorite part was probably their jail and reading the plaques that described the reason why people were put in there. The guard who did the rounds there and taunted the prisoners was also pretty hilarious.


    1. The talking bear cracked me up! ;) The Grove got 116 screenshots. The others are all between 75 and 100. They’re just as great but I think I also didn’t take that many screenshots to begin with in the other cities. ;)


  2. The port city of Rata Sum certainly was amazing looking but, I have to say the thing that left the greatest impression on me were the sounds and conversations I heard in Rata Sum.
    I’m going to lose countless hours there just wandering around listening to the city.

    It should also be noted that as beautiful as Rata Sum is, it’s even more stunning (imo) at night.


    1. I loved those as well – but the Grove wasn’t too bad with conversations either. It’s just amusing listening to sylvari that share their experiences.

      Almost everything looks nicer by night if you ask me. Lion’s Arch just gets even prettier then with all its lights. The same goes for Rata Sum with hits cubes and all that. :)


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