GW2: More screenshots

I’m late, I know. Real life and all that. You probably know how it is. ;)

We had planned to write an in-depth posting about our Beta Weekend Event and Stress Test experience but eh, sometimes, there just isn’t enough time. So, to keep it short (as I need to get up in a few hours and go to a conference from which I’ll thankfully return Saturday evening), our stress test experience in a nutshell: My client crashed twice which is twice as much as I had last BWE. I had created an elementalist to maybe finally try out that class but figured I actually rather wanted to spend those four hours playing my warrior and not having to learn a zillion new skills. I did end up unlocking skills for her off-hand weapon which meant learning new skills, but at least, I was familiar with the gun and the sword in her main hand. Other than that, I had a look at the scenery outside the cities (just as pretty as the towns) and we got to enjoy the company of DragonSeason, the guild. Being as silly as we are, our highlight was killing Tilion right after he had teased us in guild chat to do so. Ah yes, we finally got to experience the event that ArenaNet had originally planned to take place at the end of the last beta weekend event. But enough babbling for now. Enjoy the screenshots. :)